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WIP70.182.97.238Posted On June 03, 2014 at 2:08 PM by Heidi

I'm A Satellite Heart
Lost In The Dark...

His preference in terms did little to assuage the utter revulsion that seared beneath my porcelean skin. Amethyst eyes flicked towards him, biting my lip to keep from slinging a slough of curses aimed at his captor. And by curses, I sure as Hecate did not mean foul-mouthed language. Black Magick was not beyond my abilities, though I never touched the stuff, regardless of the three-fold rule most women of the Craft lived by.

It was an innocent thing, this biting of my lip, though I couldn't know how it made my lips purse and pout in a decidedly sensuous manner, and the action comes with a consequence- that of a bead of blood blossoming upon my plush lower lip. Tongue reacts naturally, peeking out to lap it away

* Goddess * Pagan Craft * Power Absorption * No Paramour * No Coven *
...But I'll Be Truly Yours...
~* Heidi *~


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