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make me mad with power174.91.253.49Posted On June 04, 2014 at 7:40 PM by Niles

I don't need a reason baby
there are no taboos
In lust.

Not a long matter before he clenches his teeth. he needed to run, to breath to do something before he breaks something. his vision was pulsing, his mind slowly turning feral. he licks his teeth and lip, a nervous tick that any stressed out dog would do. he finds a near by woods, big enough to conceal his true identity. even though his sister and he was suppose to meet up in an hour, at least he could run out his access energy and focus on being human. he slowly brings the car to an halt and turns the keys. he leave the doors open and the keys inside, he wont drag everything in his mouth this time. he eyes around with crystal shocking blue eyes, making sure no one was about to see him. he hated leaving his truck like this but he needed to unfold every once of energy he had. he could barely stay still and think, he growls irritated at himself. he should know better, he lives with this curse for a while now, so why as he not got use to it yet?

from the corner of hi lip comes a grin far to wide to be delightful. his sister was driving him mad, with that hot body of hers. she was the fault in why he could not keep his manners, not fascade longer. shame they are related, because he would do bad thing to her. not that he did not try, he just got the worst end of the stick. he still felt the hot burn on his shoulder and hip. he can't stay gentle any longer, he rounds his truck facing the forest. he slowly peels away every fabric that conceals his rock hard body. tossing the pieces of clothing in a pile near his truck. he enjoyed the soft breeze toying with his clothes-less skin, it was refreshing. he lights one of his cancer giving cigarettes and take a long draft of it. enjoying this odd fashion of comfort, he grills his cig before moving closer to the forest, still naked as a worm.

his eyes flashes dangerously before the transfiguration appears. The pain rushed through his bloodstream creating intense agony. His bones outstretched, his jawbone dislocating and developing into a vicious fanged mouth, his entire face structure transformed into a vile creature . Hair spurted all over, his eyes turned shocking blue. His hands turns into razor-sharp claws, as he is forced on to all fours. He let out a ear-bursting howl and ran off into the forest. long strides outbursts his bottle up energy. tongue flickering on the side of his face, while he randomly turns into a small path. claws digging into the ground, finding it delightful like toes in the hot sand. his long ears swiveling over his canine head, making sure nothing would jump scare him. he takes time to enjoy the forest, the sounds and the smells that are accustom to it. he may come here more often now that he knows this is here. because he knew his sister would bother him, sexually frustrate and everything.

he is bound to stop , his fuel rate was now low. he turns from a run to a soft of paddling trot. he stops tired of his outbursts. he takes time to eye around, he did need to return soon. a scent catches his nose, it is odd. he does not recognize it, it intrigues him. he moves closer, a paw print , just a single one. could there be others like him here, he trows his head up looking around. the hairs on his neck stands up, hackles raised. he is wary now and slowly starts to make his way back to his car, he still had a half an hour to get to his truck. ""

His truck - Werewolf eyes - werewolf coloring

N I L E S ( Aka Romulus )


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