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Sebastian Ellington-Aragona

His Royal Highness, Prince of Italy

It was seldom that Dorian donned the full splendor of that royal garb, that wedding the first time to date in which Sebastian had seen that majestic King that so often hid behind endearing curiosity and charming impishness. Dorian had been nothing short of breathtaking, so often stealing the entirety of the Englishman’s gaze even when his attention was supposed to be directed elsewhere. It was, however, that singular moment when the two stood before that alter to recite those solemn vows that Sebastian found himself unable to forget. Those promises they uttered were sentiments he had been feeling for a great length of time. They were oaths that somehow cemented those feeling with a sort of with a sort of absoluteness. Sebastian was well aware that his beliefs in that marriage entirely traditional in nature and yet, the fact that Dorian too revered such matrimony as a holy bond incapable of being broken somehow made that ring upon his finger all the more meaningful. Even though it was that moment that he perhaps favored over the entirety of that evening, Sebastian couldn’t deny the simple joy he took from that wedding at large, even if there were portions of that evening that all but baffled the man.

He hadn’t anticipated the sheer number of people that crowded those streets with the hopes of even a glimpse of the new Royal couple. Although he knew well of that ritual of that public first kiss, frankly, Sebastian could hardly fathom why such a crowd had gathered around the palace gates for that singular sight. It was still bizarre for the vampire, that so many could be invested in their relationship from afar. Sebastian was so often shielded from the public at large within Italy that the realization of what he had married into astounded him, not that he regretted that decision within the slightest. That stolen kiss within the confines of that lounge room was by far the sweetest one taken from him that evening. He had been remiss to attend that reception when the often solitary man desired little more than to have his husband in his arms. Even so, the moment they entered that reception, surrounded by friends and family, Sebastian found himself relenting with those desires.

He was almost surprised, really, by the sheer number of faces that Dorian had befriended within the city without his knowledge. He certainly shouldn’t have been. After all, his husband was nothing short of charismatic, compassionate, and courteous. He was certain it was almost impossible for the fae to be unliked, and those people who so rushed to congratulate them only served to remind the man of that. He was lucky that amongst all of those friends, Dorian had chosen him. Truthfully, Sebastian doubted he would remember all those faces he had met tonight, nor did he expect his lover to remember those business partners and members of his coven that he had introduced the man to. Apart of him had been glad once that greeting line was finally over, those sweets that so-called to him were almost more preferable to those words of congratulations. That chocolate fountain had been nothing short of utterly delectable, the man entirely capable of spending the entire evening dipping fruits and sweets into that puddle of warm, gooey chocolate. It was almost a necessity for Dorian to drag him from that utter weakness and onto the dance floor for their first dance as a married couple. Those altogether recognizable notes of Chopin filled that hall as they waltzed across that dance floor, that grin plastered upon his lover’s features only served to captivate the vampire entirely.

That song hardly lasted long enough, as far as Sebastian was concerned and yet, soon enough the pair were settled at the head of that table listening to those ‘best man’ speeches. Even he had to admit some level of nervousness as Matteo took that stage, his fingers intertwined with Dorian’s own as he listened to that assurance that Matteo gave the crowd that Dorian had never been so happy as he was with the Englishman. It had been a near-sweet speech - sweet and sentimental with just the right touch of humor. Giles, however, seemed far more willing to reflect upon those earlier years at Sebastian’s side, years when the vampire had dragged him through several ‘adventures’, years when he was still learning what it meant to be the eternally flighty bachelor's manservant. He spoke of that ‘manual’ of sorts, handed down through that generation of manservants filled with advice and tips, a book Sebastian himself had hardly known existed. And, finally, he spoke of just how meeting Dorian had changed everything. That abrupt change in his behavior had been so utterly blatant to his staff, even before Sebastian himself had admitted he was in love.

That evening progressed into a veritable party after that. Between cakes and sweets, dancing and playing with that makeshift band, that jovelty of that evening could quite be heard across all of Italy as the country so celebrated with them. Even despite the joy found within that celebration, Sebastian was all too happy to agree the moment Dorian suggested they finally take their leave. The rest of that palace was near quiet in comparison to that banquet hall, the silence almost…peaceful even despite how odd it was. He hardly expected that darkness that encompassed their designated apartment when the rest of the palace was still so incredibly bright, though it was hardly unappreciated. The vampire followed his lover towards that door of their bedroom, pausing beside the King at that sight that had been so meticulously planned for them alone. Even Sebastian could hardly deny that it was romantic, the perfect way, he was sure, to spend the rest of their evening.

Dorian’s sudden assurance that they hardly required this….encouragement, as the man so called it, prompted a soft chuckle from his lips and yet, he could hardly deny the King was right. His lover had a sort of sex appeal that seemed to near constantly pull at him, prompting their overly healthy intimate life. In this, they certainly required little encouragement in the slightest. “I like it though.” Sebastian uttered reassuringly, his own bright blue eyes sweeping once again over those flickering flames and their gentle light. That soft press of Dorian’s hands upon his waist drew the Englishman’s attention away from that atmosphere of the room and towards his husband himself. His fingers gingerly brushed against Dorian’s jawline as his lips fit ever so perfectly against Dorian’s own. A warm simper crossed his features as Dorian finally pulled away and yet, there was no denying that in that simple moment, alone with his new husband, Sebastian was blissfully happy.

That soft press of Dorian’s lips against his neck prompted a small sound from his lips and yet, it was hardly that same carnal groan that his lover was so often able to coax from him. Rather, it was a simple tone of contentment as Dorian’s warm breath brushed against his skin. He was glad, truly, that Dorian had enjoyed that evening and their wedding. His own voice was decidedly soft at that moment, that response perhaps far more sentimental than he often allowed himself to be. “Every day with you is perfect, Ma Bichette.” His blue eyes shifted down to meet those striking silver irises, his hands shifted, enveloping Dorian’s waist as he pulled his lover closer towards him. That sudden declaration of adoration nearly caught the vampire off guard, if only for how rarely such words were spoken between the pair. Still, he could hardly help the simper that crossed his features at that sentiment, the genuineness of which was quite clear to hear. “I love you too.” He uttered softly in response, only to add, “I will always love you.” No matter what happened, Sebastian was certain the sheer intensity of those feelings he held for the man would remain unwavering.

His gaze followed Dorian’s towards that bed that so clearly awaited them, those candles quite near surrounding it as those rose pedals served to coax them toward it all the more. A soft chuckle left his lips at that suggestion of that ‘important task’ that still lay ahead of them. “So we do, come on,” Sebastian spoke, reaching up for the King’s hand only to step out of that embrace and lead his lover towards that bed. It was almost curious, really, that expectation that so hung over them to indulge in that which they often so freely partook in and yet, the feeling of Dorian’s skin against his own was the only sort of ending he longed for after that wedding day. He leaned against the edge of that bed, his shoes kicked off easily before he reached out for his lover, his fingers working at those jacket buttons of that suit. “I don’t think I told you how breathtaking you looked today…this color suit you, you know. It brings out the color of your eyes.” Sebastian informed his beloved Monarch, only to assist in the removal of that jacket, the vampire entirely determined in his efforts to ensure Dorian’s clothing ended up as a pile on their bedroom floor.

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