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For Sunii again <370.49.13.16Posted On April 04, 2017 at 6:57 PM by Megs

Blood drips from his partly open mouth, air rushing from him in waves. That tongue once again slides along his whiskered lips, savoring the blood that drips from the dead ones. It’s laced with sin and tastes putrid but he allows the voices to settle with the feeding. It is true, he is a battle crazed brute. His lower jaw is slack, saliva and blood falling from his chin to stain the earth. He moves towards the final battle,slowly, in no hurry to partake for is she were as wise as he believed her to be, she would wait for him.

A strange haze covers his gaze. “HOLD… HIM…” how does his voice manage to sound guttural and husky even inside his mind? He waits, waits for her to get a grasp on the other. She can handle herself, his foggy crystals flicking to her with a different type of hunger before returning to the vampire. A lip lifts, bloodied canines a sneer in the night. And then massive jaws clamp on the others head, teeth breaking through flesh and bone, sinewy tendons and thin muscle before a satisfied snap and break. He pulls away, stalking away slowly with the head still inside of his jaws. He turns to face her, sitting at first, head resting inside his mouth as he lets his glossy gaze rest on her. He breathes, hot breath causing the blood matted hair of his victim to shift.

“COME HERE.” his voice is demanding, his body expanding as he makes an effort to breathe and calm his thoughts. He feigns for this blood but right now, he feigns for her. In what way is something he does not know. After a usual blood bath like this, he will lay in the wastes, taking glory in the victory. This night, he allows the head to fall from his now slack jaws, waiting for her decision.

Iórkæll dværg
werelion - male - single - played by sunii


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