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It had been an odd thing coming to a city such as this. It had been by sheer, luck, truly that he had managed to get to the city at all - not long ago, he had been but a boy on the shores of Reykjavík, staring out over the oceans as the boats came to port. It had been a big change, perhaps the biggest yet and that was truly saying something about one who could change the very skin they wore. That had been the reason for it all, though: his family wanted him to learn new things, gather more knowledge, spread his own to others. They hoped he'd return and bring with him something new to strengthen their family's own magic but... perhaps some small part of him was glad to be away for the time being. Freedom was refreshing, strange but pleasant. He'd not forgotten though, but his efforts had been rather stumped. He was new - who did he know, anyway? Their expectations seemed ridiculous.

He'd tried, though, and now a trio of books made their way into his arms, a series of them outlining the history of the city. It was simple: maybe he'd find family names in there to approach, or he'd at least learn something. Really, he had been lucky to have aced his English exams lest this be a complete dead end. He didn't exactly feel gladdened by it though; in a city like this, he was tempted to really explore it. What sort of secrets lurked beneath its surface? Gangs, questionable people, girls you saw in music videos... he wanted to see those things in person. He needed to know that they existed! Those were exciting prospects, not being stuck learning from some old man or woman. He was distracted by such wondrous thoughts as he ambled back towards River Dale, preparing himself for a drab day away from the sun. A shame, really. He sighed in defeat, though something behind him seemed to cause a ripple of energy.

If there was one thing he knew well, it was the difference between human and animalistic energy. Subtle, perhaps, but prevalent enough that he was startled as he turned to face whoever - or whatever - had been jogging up along side him. A woman! Not just that, but a scantily clad woman: the women from the music videos? She wanted help though, and he smiled earnestly as he glanced over to where she seemed to have come from.

"Sure, what seems to be the pro-

He was dumbfounded for a moment as she turned her back to him - it was hard to keep eye contact without eyes facing him. He looked down, seemingly now in possession of not only his trio of books but a bottle of lotion that looked startlingly out of place against his more rugged appearance. He stared down at it for a moment, trying to find eyes to make eye contact with when he decided he'd done enough looking like a fool for one day but still, they were nowhere: just her back, and that absurd, instinctual feeling that came with being a man presented such a thing.

"Do you... do you need me to hold this for a moment?"

He smiled sheepishly, though he had an inclination of what she might have wanted - it was terribly 1990's teenage, pot-brownie movie material but... that had to be it right. Still, he didn't want to be that guy that just went making assumptions. He'd always been raised to keep his hands clean until somebody asked for them.


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