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THEY SAY IM A GOD On April 16, 2017 at 6:09 PM by IÓRKÆLL DVÆRG

Okay, so Magnus wasn't doing the greatest job.

He was keeping her mind off of their situation. But he wasn't doing the best at making friends. He didn't care to but acting was something he knew all too well. However, masking his amusement whilst her brooding gaze seem to bore straight through him was beyond him. The pet name was not appreciated and all Magnus could do was release a huff of a chuckle, a lopsided grin giving him away.

She must be a feminist; one of those women that believe they can do everything a man can. Silly girls, didn't they understand? Everything is for a reason. That they were two halves to one whole and that what one cannot do, the other can. They are perfectly imperfect; each creature. So they may appreciate one another. If everyone could play the guitar like Dimebag Darrell or Zakk Wylde, would you know their names?

"Sorry darlin'." the sly grin evened out but she was already discarding her layers. The spring had broke, he could only wonder what she had expected. Mornings were a bit chilly but by noon it was t-shirt and jeans weather; which is what Magnus wore now. A "Mushroomhead" band tee with worn and faded jeans as well as his Harley Davidson boots - just to match his girl outside.

But it was kinda cute...

Her disgruntled and even glaring at him.

After stripping herself of the unnecessary clothing, as though she was preparing herself for this, she becomes stern with him. He never had a mother but he could only assume this what it would feel like if she knew he was up to something. "I've done drugs but nothing that extreme." Well, maybe he is lying a little - he's done acid a handful of times. But he had always maintained control. In fact, he could not quite understand how people let the trip run way with them. He may have continued but she feels the need to collect herself - apparently he was getting under her skin a bit more than he thought. Perhaps this wasn't going at all in his favor.

Maybe it was his unwillingness to take her seriously.

How was he to believe someone looks exactly like him?

Either way, this would be fun.

"Now I get to check my bank activity and credit when I get home." he chuckles, posing his statement as a jest. But he couldn't help but begin to become curious about this man; this was twice now. She smiles and even giggles at her own, at the seed of paranoia she sets in his mind. He watches her little fingers remove her long raven locks from her neck and then sucks in her plump bottom lip as he continues and she responds. Only denying himself a blossoming thought, his eyes fall to the floor moments later.

He smiles at her once more, peering back up at her - as she insinuates that she is expecting his name in return for her own. "I have earned every single thing that I have." Of course, he was not about to tell her that she couldn't do what he does. Or what that even was for that matter. For every dollar he makes, the blacker his soul grows. "I've just...." His view lingers about the elevator as he thought. "figured out how to make money without having to work a 9-5."

He'll just leave it at that.

Looking back upon Miyako, his vivid blue eyes trail upwards, indulging in her a moment before he makes eye contact her once more. "Magnus." that devilish grin was back. "Nice to meet you Miyako. What fun would this be without a challenge?"



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