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sank you luv107.193.17.54Posted On April 12, 2017 at 7:44 AM by Monroe

w e r e l i o n

He gets it. I promise he does.

His flesh is warm, heated from the touch and the friction between them. So when her cold slap slides across his face like a whip it comes like a shockwave. Blood forms in his mouth as his teeth bite down on that tongue of his. He invites the pain eagerly, willing to add it onto the rest of it that flows across his battered flesh in waves. It is sudden, that he is below her and she on top. His lips curl, teeth flashing at this change that has so suddenly occurred. His arms are tight above his head, her little grasp tying him down like silver chains. His cold gaze is striking, the crazed fog lifting from him as he watches emotion after emotion flit across her features.

This was wrong of him, to lose himself in such a blood craze. She is not like the others he destroys and torments, she is more, so much more and he ruined it.

No surprise there.

He can understand the estranged look in his eyes for he feels it deep within. This fear of vulnerability and weakness for a being he knows nothing about. They grow silent, his chest heaving with exertion from the mini battle raising inside. He isn’t meant for shit like this. It was already far too complicated. He could be done with it all, leave her to her own demise. Yet look what good that did to him. Being away from her for a day had brought the voices back in a raging fury and to be honest, that was the cause of his rage unleashed in the pub earlier that got him in this mess to begin with.

you must fight as though you are already dead

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