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Meep70.49.13.16Posted On April 27, 2017 at 8:48 PM by Megs

when the darkness comes, be afraid of me

Regan never would have thought that she'd enjoy prolonged physical contact with another person. But she does. She feels oddly at ease within his arms embrace. Eyes slide shut and the girl simply allows the rhythmic beat of his heart to echo inside her. The thought of his chest being silent so at odds with how she perceives him. He is this being that exudes strength -- with brilliant emerald eyes gleaming with life. She is glad she didn't have to witness the light leave his amazing eyes.

A smile quirks the corners of her lush lips at the sound of his chuckle. She enjoys the rumble in his chest as it bounces her cheek. A soft giggle whispers into his mind at the pet name. For she considers it sweet, this addition of my. However, there will always be a part of her that rankles at the idea of belonging to someone else. She was a possession for far too long. Regan nuzzles her nose against his clavicle in a very feline gesture when he accepts her terms. Of course she would kill them all. They both would expect and accept nothing less. Still slightly petulant she mutters "Good."

The girl senses his gaze on her and she tilts her head back to look at him. Amethyst eyes meet emerald just as his question slides into her mind. What would make her feel better? She honestly doesn't know. Regan has never had someone offer to placate her feelings before. Humming silently she ponders this new development. She isn't into material possessions. She spends too much time in tiger form anyway. New knives maybe? Then it hits her. Her eyes lighting up almost as if they were the proverbial light-bulb over her head. "Well..." She grins wickedly. "There's this sword..."

"Thinks like this."

mute -- weretiger -- played by megs

Regan Izumi


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