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Sinking my heart turns to stone; On May 10, 2017 at 11:51 AM by Harley

If the other girl had been going through some inner crisis, Harley had been entirely oblivious to it. Her head was all tangled in in the muck of this scenario that seemed to cling to porcelain skin like a heavy black goo. It felt like she was moving sluggishly slow, as though every movement or gesture took that much longer to execute. Had her world slowed to some matrix movie experience? If so it was damn near cool.

Copious information was processed in that very moment, the determined wrath that mangled the burnt man’s face as he descends upon her like a wounded lion trying to kill his prey. To the expression of that innocent crimson locked female’s shock filled face. Then to the plain black 8mm gun in her hand that took aim. It wasn’t the first time she shot a gun, nor would it be the last. All she could hope in those final suspended moments was that she hoped her aim wasn’t complete shit, that it hit him somewhere vital. It could have been very well that the man could have killed her, could have stifled out a life that might have already been well over expired. Even if that were so there is no way she would simply back down without a fight. Not today.

Her face, turned into something hardened, and eyes narrowed in violet fury. Damn right she was pissed off. Pissed off at the series of events that comprised of her life, some disaster of a movie that would more than likely end in tragedy anyways even if not tonight. But you would think that would bother her, it would any sane person. That she would fret over what could never be, all her failures and future failures. No, she always will take a stand and carry on like she always has, and will do so in the war of her life. Even as the body counts rose and her closet bulged with skeletons. There was a moment before the bullet sounded, where she looked him in the eye as she shot him and suddenly the man fell into a heap on the ground. His body seemingly placed there were purpose like on those murder shows, another moment occured where she was glad to be the victor and not another body bag.

When she got to her feet, she did not stumble or shake, she simply discarded the gun and wiped the dirt that flaked from the palms of her hands. Her attention fell upon the blood spattered Isolt with her charred remains of a purse slung over her shoulder. She spoke her offer of escape, of freedom to be clean of this experience in its entirety, save for the memory. It was an offer Harley had never been offered, not once in her life. How could she not take it? But she had and part of her selfishly was glad she hadn’t turned away and surprised she had been the only one who had.

Her violet eyes fastened on the icy blues of her newfound partner in crime while she spoke with a strength that was surprising. The words made the raven haired phoenix silently laugh inside, no the words themselves were not funny, in all actuality they were quite defining. But this entire situation was hysterical, well maybe not to most. Yet to Harley in this very moment, considering her life was a joke as much as this situation was. To normal girls murder wouldn’t be funny, but then again she wasn’t most girls. A grin spreading across her lips almost wickedly, nodding her head in approval. “I couldn’t agree more.. Come on then..”

She moved toward the body, the crimson haired woman taking the gory mess of the head. Maybe she hadn’t realized it at the moment and Harley didn’t say a word for a second before crouching down to wrap her arms around the knee. Multifaceted violet eyes flicker upward, noticing the crimson that ruined her lovely shirt. It blossomed like a vibrant rose in bloom. “You know, I may have pegged you all wrong.” She said idly, as if small talk lifting a dead body were completely normal.

The dead weight was awkward in the clutches and maneuvering toward the nearby dumpster was a mission all in its own right. After several curses and nearly dropping the body twice, they had managed by some stroke of luck to stuff the man in the dumpster. She laughed out loud at their conquest. “Even dead, the man is difficult.” She peeked over lip of the dumpster, hovering over to peer inside the darkened pit as if she were child filled with wonder checking to see if the boogey man was under the bed. It was that damned morbid curiosity that would gnaw deep within her gut that made her look inside, to take a quick glimpse. Once satisfied, almost disappointed as if she expected something more, an idle hand lifted to pull back a wayward strand behind her ear with a sigh.

“I would back up for this if I were you.. I am not sure how this is going to work, but I am hoping.. Really hoping this works before someone finds we are here..I doubt they will be so.. welcoming..” That iconic sarcasm seeping through her words in humour.

In an instantaneous earth crumbling moment the fuse was proverbially lit and a small flame was struck, lighting some paper that was deep within the steal box.. It didn’t take long nor much concentration to let the flames grow, hotter, brighter, almost to the point that it began to climb the wall as if reaching out to the heavens. Harley could not help the fascination that burned mischievously within her eyes as she felt the air around them grow hotter and hotter. She could feel the flames, every last tendril as if she could tell them where to go and they would abide, wind them around her body like serpents. She felt them lick and consume at the body and the garbage beneath it.. devouring and destroying all in its path like a vengeful god. She could not surpress the laugh that expelled from her parted lips, backing to Isolt’s. “Isn’t that fucking spectacular?” She almost sighed in her state of whimsy, an awe at her own power and the destruction it possessed. She hadn't really expected an answer. With a flick of her wrist the flames climbed higher up the building, the tendrils growing into spindly fingers.

It began to build when suddenly something wild and uncontrollable happened. She moved quickly closer to the raging fire, closing the lid with a screech and boom. Something felt wrong and out of her control. “I think we need to get out of here.. Now..” The urgency was clear within her voice. It was a shame though. It would have been quite the sight to see the thing blow, to witness the radiant display as if it were some choreographed fireworks.

Moving with haste at the thought of an impending explosion, making sure Isolt was out of the way first, as they made it out of ally before the loud destructive rumble resonated from the ally. IT would seem someone didn’t dispose of their toxic explosive waste properly. Tsk tsk. She could only imagine the glow and heat and power of that setting off. Adrenaline pulsed through her veins that seemed to burn with the fire of her hellish inferno.

Oh it felt exhilarating, her breathing deepened and chest heaving as though she had just been running. “I think we better get out of here, I have a hole in the wall apartment a little ways from here where we can clean up and perhaps get properly caffeinated.. but you might want to zip up just in case someone grows suspicious, but then again.. I’ve seen shirts with more gore than that..”


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