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all the purple184.148.43.114Posted On May 10, 2017 at 11:59 AM by harley

In the heat of the moment, her blazing violet eyes narrowed as she spat volatile words before Isolt saved the day. “Surprise away.” She lifted her chin defiantly as if daring him to try something he would regret, the flame licking about her arm as if wanting to wind up around her like a snake. The heat was rising really quickly and not in a good way. It was damn good thing Isolt was there to put an end to it, sorta.

There were a few seething glances and the constricting looks alone only made Harley smile at him provokingly, flashing him those white teeth. Oh he thinks he is all big bad and tough but she can see inside he is wavering. Maybe if he dropped the composure and that sophisticated act, maybe just maybe she would start believing it, yeah right. It was very strange, the way he looked at her. Looked like he wanted to drop an anvil on head and yet he stared at her lips and in a way where you know they aren’t thinking pg thoughts. What a strange strange man.

He seemed to rain all over their parade saying he didn’t want cake or dollar bills What kind of stripperesque man didn’t like to jump out of cakes and accept dollar bills? Anyways, he clearly was not a stripper, it was a shame because she probably would have liked him better. Maybe.

He took a moment, a brief hesitation to ponder what could only be his hope and dreams crashing from the tattoo and what that meant for him. Harley decides to distract, just a little. To perhaps make him flinch, she wasn’t quite sure. There is uncertainty in his stare and yet she doesn’t stop, invading his personal space with her fire, threatening to burn him.

Was there a cure? Harley almost broke out into a fit of laughter. The only thing that needed to be cured was his pretentious attitude and ego. She let Isolt answer this one, seeing as she was the best at calming crazy people and really Harley didn’t understand why this man was freaking out like he had broken a nail. When the dark haired woman came into her power she found nothing but excitement and mischievous glee at being able to control something so destructive. Mind you… When she first started there was a lot more destruction than there was control. She remembered very clearly all of those close calls in her house, along with the burn marks on the ceiling in the living room to prove it. She gave all new meaning to light it up.

Isolt’s words then brought a slight grin to Harley’s lips, looking at Isolt. Finally, someone else realized what a lunatic he was banging on the door like an ape. Teach him something? Pft. She glances at the irked half naked man standing right in front of her and Isolt, shrugging her shoulders. Her initial thought was ‘over my dead body’. But then there was something she could teach him. His own reply didn’t quite help his case either. That was when Davante came strolling in hardly half dressed, his phone pressed to his cheek, his hair in a disarray, babbling to someone on the other end of the phone about drugs. At this point she moved around the kitchen island, perching herself upon it, her feet dangling.

Davante had seemed a bit irritated by the other half naked guy who had nearly knocked down the door, taking it out on the poor innocent banana. Harley found herself incredibly amused by Davante’s next words, pinning the mysterious tattoo on her. PFT. Come on.. If that were her work, it would look a lot different, she was all about realism. She should have been offended because she only rarely did tribal. “I need to school you in what happens to people who threaten to fuck up my door..” Without notice, medium sized ball about the size of two basket balls of flame grew before them, that electric blue fire was probably hotter than anything he thought he experienced before. She had every intention to burn those perfect brows off, knowing they would grow back and Isolt couldn’t hate her forever for such a thing. The man was certainly lucky he had Isolt on his side enough that she didn’t plan on doing permanent damage to him. Oh she could be so vengeful when she wanted to. Luckily, she had just intended to make him squirm just a little, veering the fireball at the last minute so he could feel the heat of it on his brow, closer than the hand had dared to go.

“Oh and Dav don’t worry, I saved some for you later.. I have the perfect idea for a piece. I’m thinking a smiley face that says bitch was here..” The corners of her lips turn into a wicked smirk, eyebrows lifting slightly. Why does everyone think being a bitch was so bad?


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