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we're all just matches184.148.43.114Posted On May 10, 2017 at 1:06 PM by HARLEY WESTWARD

The full weight of her eyes that were the colour of a vibrant indigo fire had landed upon him as she turned her head ever so slightly to face him. Rules and Harley so often did not find a mutual understanding— you could place your bets on that one. “You going to cuff me if I break that rule officer?” For a second, she looks entirely deadpan before her lips twist into a wicked grin, the sarcastic words spewing form her lips before she could add a censor. But why would she? She put the phone upon the smooth lit up bar face up with the time bouncing around the face of her phone like it was trapped in a cage. She studied his features as if it would tell her everything she needed to know. The fact that he didn’t wear a suit and tie spoke wonders, that he either didn’t get the memo, he snuck in, or he wasn’t one for the good ol’ book of rules either.

“Believe me, I would be out of here in less time if not for my incredibly convincing friend. Somehow she managed to get me to agree without any devices of torture or kidnapping.” She said idly, a slight sigh brandishing her lips, her brows furrow slightly. How her red haired companion managed that single feat was enough to make anyone wonder if Isolt had some kind of mind control. She grabbed another drink that was placed on a silver tray, not too far away, a gesture that seemed all too natural for her. She brought it to her lips, this one a different flavor.. It almost tasted like liquid cocaine. Hell maybe it was and they simply disguised it as something else.

Anyone with half a brain could even see that this woman wasn’t exactly pro Valentine’s day, one could see it just by the dress and the way she positioned herself at the corner of the bar. All she needed was a freaking neon sign flashing above her raven head that said, ‘proceed with caution’. Part of her wished she was screaming her insides out at Infliction or even the Tavern, but she made a plan and she stuck to it to the bitter end. She stood out like a proverbial sore thumb wearing all black with a studded clutch, which looked more like a weapon than a purse. But then again she wasn’t the only one who stood out, the man before her was wearing jeans and a motorcycle jacket to an event that was classified as formal, he must have not gotten the memo or he really didn’t give a shit about the rules he was suggesting earlier.

She could not help but wonder when or if her little fiends of anarchy would show up to liven this place up a little, they would certainly get some looks with their piercings and tattoo riddled bodies. Not only that but she was sadistically curious to see if Ezra would turn up in a dress or something.. Because not even Harley’s wildest imagination could procure such a thought. Hell this place needed some action badly, everyone looked way to serious like they were at a funeral and some of the couples either looked like they were miserable or already down each other’s throats before the appetizers made their way onto the floor. She grinned deviously. “So.. what dragged you here?” Free booze? Looking to score? To be honest, nothing surprised this spitfire anymore.

Actually, she had an eye on a fancy bottle of Petron from the very moment she found her seat upon the stool. She groaned internally even though she grinned, her fingers toying along the rims of her cell. ‘Now if I could just snatch that bottle of Petron, the night can truly begin.’ She thought, as she peered at the dark haired stranger. All she had to do was wait for the right moment and distract the man and his rules, he would probably be against such an act.

But at least the night is young and the drinks were cheap. Watered down but free, well that is worth something.


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