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Only shallow people require years to get rid of an emotion
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A man who is master of himself can end a sorrow as easily as he can invent a pleasure. I don't want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them

Oliver Wakefield, Marquess of Lansdowne



Physical Description
At 5’10, Oliver is not the tallest man on the street but he isn’t likely to get lost in a crowd unless surrounded by giants. While his hair color is a muster of browns, though there is the hint of (darker) blonde hues when the summer rolls around and he pursues outdoor activities. Think more… muddy blonde instead of strawberry or white blonde. A heavy brow often makes him look far more serious than he truly is, though it helps to make him look stern. Oliver inherited the green eyes that are trademark of his family, though his green tends toward laughter and high spirits rather than the glowering of his father’s.

Responsible and dutiful, Oliver tries desperately to be the figure that high society, and James, expect. However, if a sudden escape presents itself, Oliver is quick to slip out unnoticed and seize the opportunity for adventure. While he may show more restraint than Johanna’s wild streak, Oliver does love the chance for an adrenaline rush. He’s easy-going and social, though perhaps a little too flirtatious with women. He has an exaggerated sense of responsibility yet affection for his sister, something that she has used to her benefit numerous times. It also means she has gotten him into several scuffles.

Face Claim
Johannes Scheufele

When Oliver’s mother passed of a sudden illness, Oliver found himself responsible for the care of his younger sister (with the assistance of an elderly family governess). Despite being the oldest (and only) male heir in the family, James Wakefield elected to disregard his son during much of his youth, leaving his education and upbringing to the private tutors while James travelled for business (and pleasure). Seeing how Johanna was now alone, Oliver spoiled his little sister as only a big brother could, even though he was only 8 years old.
When the boy got a little older, his father turned his attention to preparing his son for the duties expected from him, meaning little Oli had less time for his baby sister. In turn, he would dote on her with small gifts and exaggerated stories of his travels when he was pulled away, attempting to regal her with the tales. After all, it was much easier to gain her approval and appreciation than it was his father’s. Though when he was fifteen, friction began forming between brother and sister as she pled and demanded that he teach her to “play” with the swords. He figured that she would quit after the first few bouts that bruised and battered her, the older boy not withholding his strikes as he knew she was stepping far outside acceptable behavior. When she failed to call it quits, however, he eventually found new excuses to continue with her, such as it allowed him extra practice. Still, it had to be kept secret because they both knew the repercussions of this social treason.
While Oliver is currently unwed, it was not due to lack of his father’s planning. Oliver had an arranged marriage aligned between him and another family’s daughter, a kind yet sickly girl. Though he was not initially thrilled at the prospect of wedding a girl he barely knew, Oliver did wind up developing feelings for her as they spent time together, even though she continued to be sickly. Eventually her poor constitution led to her passing from illness, leaving Oliver rather upset. This event simply added to the strain in his relationship with his sister, as her willfulness clashed horribly with the expected roles they were to fulfill to be productive members of society.

Relatives in the Game
James Wakefield, Father (npc currently)
Eleanor Wakefield, Mother (deceased)
Johannes Wakefield, Little Sister

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