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Navi Yemon166.137.118.79Posted On October 15, 2017 at 11:28 AM by raelah

once upon a midnight dreary

“What people fear the most, is what they do not understand,”. Staring blankly at her reflection in the disturbed puddle, the statement rattled through her mind. With a quick kick, she wiped both the water and her thoughts away. “Humph,” she murmured as she retreated to the darkness between the trees. Sticking to the shadows, she dodged the fluorescent lamps disturbing the pavement and continued onward, sure to find a place to rest her eyes. She knew the park was always deserted at this time of night. Making nests out of leaves or laying on rugged branches wasn’t her ideal choice of sleeping conditions, but it was all she could find. She had recently stumbled upon what seemed to be an abandoned area in the park which she soon decided to live in for the time being. After 300+ years of wandering aimlessly throughout Sancrosact, she found relief in finding a constant place to sleep. Yet, she dared not to call it home. “There is no such thing as a home,” she thought to herself. If there was one word that could classify her, it would be cynical. She had zero interest for the world that went on around her. There was always something better or more intriguing within her own mind. Or at least she always assumed so. Here she was, yet again scaling a tree to find a “comfortable” branch to rest on for the night and curling herself as tightly and as closely as her body would allow keeping any heat she emitted to not escape, as well as to not fall off the tree. Her body grew lethargic as she fell into REM’s cycle and travelled back to a time she never wanted to recall, but however many times she tried, she couldn’t forget.
Still in the state of dreaming, she observed a familiar room. An odor wafted through the modest Shoin-zukuri styled house. It was the smell of holly, fresh cut bamboo, and a lit fire. Smells she knew all too well. “Navi…,” a voice echoed, “Navi...”, the voice became clearer, “Navi,”. She turned to see where the sound came from and she gazed upon a gentle woman, her petite face prettily framed with long black hair and muddy green eyes like hers. It was her mother. Although, the gentle woman leaned in front of her, there was terror on her face. “Navi, go! Get out of here!” she hastily explained. Even though it was a dream, she could feel all the color drain from her face. She knew exactly what was going to happen next. The experience was all too real. “B-but mother, I can’t, I can’t leave you. Please. Please don’t,” Navi cried. “Now’s not the time Navi! You must go before they find you,” shouted her mother pushing her out the back-screen door. More details of the memory flooded back to her as she fell out the screen door into the bitter cold night. Usually this was the time where Navi would try and pinch herself awake from the dream, but tonight she didn’t need to. Her eyes flickered open at the sound of a “k-rack!”. Hurriedly, she positioned herself to sit up and rubbed her sleep filled eyes awake. Proceeding to cock her head and peer down below the branch, Navi’s eyes danced about the scenery trying to discover what made that noise. To her left was nothing but more trees and untouched grass. To her right she found a snapped twig lying on the cemented walk way. It looked as though something had accidentally stepped on it with how clean the break was. She scoured the area once more, looking as far as she could see from her perch, but to no avail could she find anything, or perhaps anyone that had possibly wandered into the quiet deserted park.

Navi Yemon


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