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It's the way of the city72.174.129.163Posted On November 08, 2017 at 7:47 AM by Ludovino Donati

“Really? What is it? You want to go there? Eh, whatever man, as long as they got decent drinks,” Ludo teased as he spoke with his close friend Enzo on the phone. “Ya, I’ll see you soon,” he replied as he tousled his hair with gel, forming it into a perfect curled mess. Checking out his profile in the mirror he nitpicked at his attire by unrolling his sleeves and throwing on his fresh leather jacket. “This’ll do the trick,” he admired, turning to see himself reflected at all angles in the glass. Stepping out of his new place in Hawethorn he was met with a fierce wind. “Damn, this better be worth it,” he muttered to himself, not even considering he was just a few steps away from being able to go back in and grab warmer attire. Besides, he didn’t want to change when he had found the perfect outfit. Tonight, was one of his first nights out on the town in Sacrosanct and he was ready to live large.

He had always resided in the land of suburbia, so the city came to be overwhelming as he found himself twisting and turning down streets and finding himself running into dead ends or alleyways. “Shit,” he muttered clicking furiously on his phone to guide him to his meeting point with Sammy. Following the guide on his phone he finally merged in with the regular city street that was always cluttered with interesting people. There was a ton of eccentric characters that he couldn’t help but stare at or stop himself from doing a double take. He also picked out many from the sea of people that weren’t humans. He was disinterested in doing any work tonight though, so he ignored the fact that he had a prime selection in front of him and continued brushing past people, bumping into others every now and then but never apologizing. He already had the attitude of a city dweller so being rude wasn’t a hard task to do. “Turn right,” his GPS stated and as soon as he turned it was like he stepped back in time.

Eyeing the old rundown brick buildings in front of him he couldn’t help but be amazed how he had just came from an area where there was a plethora of bright lights and people, to almost pure silence besides the murmur and clattering of the bars close by. Scanning the area more he noticed a blinking sign down at the end of the backstreet. “Cat’s meow,” he repeated to himself as he peered at the flashing neon sign. “This is the place,” he thought to himself, regaining his walking pace and reached for the door handle. “Click!, Kreeeee,” the door moaned as it revealed what was beyond the shabby entrance. “Phew,” Ludo remarked as his nostrils were met with a wall of sickly sweet perfume intermingling with stale cigars.

He didn’t want to stand around awkwardly so he made a beeline for the bar and ordered his favored drink. “One scotch,” he told the bartender as they glanced up and nodded, assuring that they heard the order. While waiting on the bartender, Ludo turned away and faced the other side of the room where he was met with a variety of women sporting the thinnest and tiniest articles of clothing he had ever saw. It wasn’t like he hadn’t been to a strip club before, but the cat’s meow tended to be racier than the usual scenes around his old home town. “This must be the way of the city I suppose,” amusingly turning and stating to the bartender as he grasped his scotch. The bartender just smirked at Ludo and continued helping the next set of gentlemen that happened to be coming in.

Ludovino Donati