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Ludovino Donati
It feels like I only go backwards

It was like talking to a brick wall. Forget subtle hints, or touches, that wouldn’t phase her. In fact, most of the flirtatious things Ludo tried to do ended up being disregarded, or in fact, not regarded at all. Even thought it didn’t work out like he intended at all, he was entertained and amused by the dare devilish attitude Miya suddenly possessed under the influence of alcohol. Although, he didn’t know how many more times he could catch her before she stumbled. Even with swift reflexes, he couldn’t count on his intuition every time. She acted like a kid in a candy shop that had been told everything was free, when her eyes locked on to the shining fountain filled with coins that covered the entire bottom of the water.

It wasn’t just a slight nudge. It was a tug that dragged him by his hands up to the fountain where he now was able to peer over the edge, the water rippling constantly about. As he watched her shuffle through her purse and messenger bag, grab the coins and toss in their wishes. Miya’s brows raised when Ludo expressed his wish, and she had almost knocked herself backwards with how harsh she nodded her head in agreement. Before he knew it, Miya had other plans. She was already one foot in the fountain, shoes and all. There was multiple people snickering or glaring at the small Asian woman prancing about in water. He tried to reach for her hand again before she slapped it away, proceeding to again tell him she was absolutely fine. Instead of worrying about trying to get her out of the fountain, he proceeded to plop down on the edge, fold his legs and cross his arms, with a wry smile. It was just like teaching a kid a lesson, she’ll soon learn. Amused by her performance, he watches as she looks down harshly at the coin, as if listening to it speak. Then a sudden bubble of excitement surfaces in her deep brown eyes.

Instantaneously blurting out “Oh I know!” Miya’s pearly white grin stretches as far as it can, attracting more passerby’s judgmental looks. She remarked that she wished to not be attacked by any more vampires, continuing to splash about in the fountain until she stances herself to chuck the coin. This’ll be interesting,” Ludo thought to himself. It was like watching a baseball player get in position for a wind-up pitch. It was assumed that Miya put all of her strength into the throw because not only did the coin fall and ricochet off the bottom of the ornamental structure, so did Miya. A sudden “Ahhh!” was heard uttering out of Miya’s mouth as she tumbled down to join the coin defeatedly in the water. Resurfacing she is drenched from head to toe, utter shock danced across her face as she looked to Ludo. He couldn’t resist but to burst with laughter. What a funny woman she was and what a very unique situation they were in. She sat up, the water clinging around her figure. Instead of being phased by the incident a moment longer, there was a fit of laughter that escaped from her lips.

“Are you ok? Let me help you,” this time Ludo grabbed her with two hands, placed upon her slim waist, surprised by how petite she actually was as he lifted her out of the fountain. There was even people who had stopped to watch, whispering and glaring in their directions. Ludo swings his coat yet again over her figure as she asked him whether or not her dream came true. “I think it came true,” Ludo grinned. “For now, let’s get you dried up,” coaxing her into leaving the fountain. “We can come here again soon,” He added, smiling gently at her. He pushed her close to him, and looked down at her, “This is all I can do to keep you warm at the moment.” At least my home is close to here he thought as he led her down the sidewalk. Even though she most likely still felt on top of the world, he noticed her body start to shiver. Picking up the pace a little bit as they walked almost hip to hip he asked Miya, “Do you like hot chocolate? I can make you some when we get there. I prefer my hot cocoa with marshmallows,” a small grin danced on his face. After listening to her prolonged, passionate response about her feelings on hot cocoa, they arrived at his front door. “One sec,” he said as he rummaged in his pockets, pulling out a key and untwisting the lock. Motioning Miya to go in, he closed the door behind them and switched on the lights. He was proud that he kept his living space tidy, especially now. Not that Miya cared either way at the moment. “Wait right here,” he motioned her to stay behind as he strode over to his bedroom grabbing a change of clothes for her. He handed Miya the oversized shirt and pj pants. “My bathroom is just over to the left there,” he nodded in the direction of the room.

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