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test On August 04, 2014 at 3:35 PM by Felicity Stryker

She lingered, the light around her whispering clamly in the face of the DOVE, holding her close despite the strange state of the world. AILISTOR was... Well, she was beginning to feel like her mother. She had drifted one afternoon calmly into the light, and only now realized that she had been drifting in the figments of sunrays ever since. How useless was she! To MARIUS she had promised aid - and yet...she had drifted lazily in the warmth of her element, no more than a whispered imagined figment.

With an almost audible retraction of air, the white creature reappeared suddenly, the void filled by her shining, snow-colored frame. She was, in all herself, simply the picture of purity. As always. The glint in her golden eyes shows something else, perhaps, but she does not pay it any mind. After all, she does not have a mirror.

AILISTOR turns her face up towards the heavens, the clouds drifting past the sun to reveal it once more onto the face of the QUEEN OF LIGHT.

She smiles.

After a moment of sinking in the physical wonder of the warmth, she turns with a flick of her tail and canters towards the FOREST. Yes, she had things to deal with at home, but she also had her strangest [perhaps] ally to tend to. And his place in her heart held something of an important one.

She slows to a two-beat, her ears forward, head up, white strands painting the air behind her movements as she drifts between the trees. The glow around her form holds even as the darkness crawls closer, but she finds herself devoid of the split second reaction to recoil - this is as much a familiar thing to her as her own element, now, and somewhere along the way, it became trusted.

'MARIUS...' Her voice whispers out, soft, musical, but not demanding. He would come to find her if he so chose. If he was perplexed with her...well, then she deserved that.

But it was best to start by trying to make things right after waking up from her bodyless daydream.

Felicity Stryker


Blacktail Deer Shift


played by mirri

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