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Tobias Cain
Amber hued eyes focus more readily now upon the female tiger. He understands so little by way of spoken language and yet that which is unspoken, the posture and body language of another is perhaps more readily understood by the wild creature whom so thinly walks that line between man and beast. She is neither overly dominant, nor overly submissive and yet the contempt for both himself and Tetradore bleeds from every pore of the female creature as his teeth expose themselves once more within the moonlight. Perhaps he is given to be out of favor with his Alpha in these moments, yet his rank is still assured, the Leopard forever and always Tetradores Second and as such his desire to protect what he perceives as his own, as their own, sees the Leopard lift to his paws once more as the female leans over the wolf. Birdie has not yet given Tetradore her answer in regards to joining their pack and yet both himself and Nadya had already forced her beneath them, placed her amongst their own ranks- his….obsession with the wolf assuring he hardly decides to see her harmed as another low growl of warning vibrates within his chest as the Tiger changes, her nakedness utterly ignored as she begins to pull the hooks from the wolfs flesh. For a moment he is simply given to watch, strolling around the feminine pair a moment, circling both with a….curiosity of sorts as each muscle rolls and gleams beneath that golden pelt, as if he merely waits for the tiger to falter, lingering like a shadow about the wolf he has claimed as his own before summoning her to him, waiting for Birdie to hurry to his side where she belongs- the girl receiving a satisfied purr when she does, her bloodied form rubbing against his own in familiarity as she near slinks past Tetradore in ready submission.

For a moment his attention is pulled from his Alpha and the tiger-girl, allowing his jaws to part as he very near encircles the wolf in his tawny form, tongue roving over the marks the hooks have left within her flesh in a truly rare display of gentleness, licking at the wounds as instinct assures him he should, this truly the only method of first aid the creature is capable of providing and understanding, acting entirely as instinct dictates until he is satisfied her wounds are clean enough, that metallic, salty taste to her blood an appealing thing, one that responds so directly to the predator within- though he ignores it for now.

"Birdie….does not go…outside…anymore."

He is clearly determined to command her, evidently no longer willing to tolerate her continued injuries, amber eyes rolling to her own as Tetradore shifts form, speaking now to the tiger woman and yet he understands little of what is said, mind struggling to perceive this use of language though indeed the tone of his companion is assured. He desires to…keep this tiger, Tobias sure to be refused should he seek to chase her away, momentary agitation seeing his tail lash before he moves to do as he should. He is many things perhaps and yet a poor Second is hardly one of them, brushing against Birdie once more, assuring his scent alone marks her frame before he moves to wander wide yet again, circling around behind the tiger woman to assure she is kept between Tetra and himself. After all- Tetra has not yet permitted her to leave, the tenseness within her muscles clear in the same manner it is clear within prey, her desire to run a palpalble thing, his own pupils dilated with a desire to chase before he allows his own animal skin to fall. The animal is easily replaced with the man, the lithe, towering fellow standing upright now, lashings of untamed black hair tumbling easily into his now chocolate-hued eyes, head tilting slightly at the dark shadow that surrounds her, a trick he has learned to associate with Birdie entirely though he hardly seems bothered in this moment, eyes fixating instead upon her scars. His fractured, broken mind is so readily entranced by lines and patterns, her scared form ensnaring his attention so readily, the boy appearing so entirely child-like in this moment. He moves to shift slightly towards her, bare feet silent upon the earth and et he is entirely assured she will sense him all the same, a momentary hesitation evident within his tall frame before he continues, long fingers reaching to momentarily touch her shoulder- as if seeking her attention upon him before he withdraws. He hardly fears the woman, there are few creatures as powerful as himself, Birdie alone the only other Were to match him for abilities and yet he is clearly intrigued with her all the same, wide dark eyes resting against her own before he speaks in those broken words so uniquely his own.


It is a seemingly utterly ridiculous thing to say and yet he is simply doing as Tetra had so struggled to teach him, the other man so often commanding him to say hello nicely to the women he took an interest in, Tobias reacting simply as he has been taught to do when Tetra finds a female he likes, making to attempt some sort of smile that truly looks like little more than a crooked snarl, so misplaced upon his features, a shameless attempt to mimic an emotion he does not feel as his features shift suddenly into blankness once more- utterly oblivious to the strangeness of his reactions. He simply….does not understand the world in which he exists, seems far more animal then man, eyes drifting briefly to Tetra once more before he merely points towards one of her many scars.

“Birdie….has marks… that but she….covers them with….paint that….is not for boys.”

He never truly has understood makeup. Clearly rather assured it is a form of paint as he shifts back ever so slightly once more, fathomless dark eyes continuing to watch her still, his insanity perhaps clear in this moment as he remains unblinking for several moments, attention still lingering upon both Tetra and Birdie in turn. He is their protector, whether they need it or not and he is wary still of this creature whose exit he blocks. Content to keep her here until Tetra has decided he is done with her. Perhaps Tetra is sore with him tonight- but he still understands his job.

“Welcome to the Westside.”

He merely mimics his leader now, though his features, once more, fail to change, resulting in a truly disturbing emotionless façade.


Clearly- he just likes saying the word, personality seeming to flip and change over and over been something so child-like, so innocent and something so truly, truly dangerous.

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