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It had not occurred to her that the fishermen were capable of setting up some sort of trap. Always she was careful when wandered along the pier keeping herself being undetected. Thanks to Tobias and his inability to not attack some random man when he went on his hunts the fishermen had come up with clever devices on how to fight back. The first time they had managed to hire zookeepers into shooting her down and bringing her back to the zoo under the false pretense that she was simply a wolf that managed to get far too close to humankind. Thankfully she managed to escape, but not without the help of the green-eyed panther that gave her a life-changing offer. It was indeed a life-changing offer because not once had she ever thought of joining a pack. Not after the fact they were the very reason why she had a difficult time trusting others. If you could not trust the very members of your pack or the ones that brought you into this world- they who could you trust? It had taken some time, but she managed to give a small amount of trust to her spotted friend, the same one that was supposed to be here in the first place, and she was not pleased that he had forgotten about their date. When it came to hunting along the pier for seafood the need to have a partner in the act was necessary. If he was here then she may not be caught in these fishnets laced with fish hooks.

As she continued to struggle within the fishnets the 4 inch hooks continued to dig deeper and deeper into her flesh. Turning her head left and right she would open her jaws, grab one of the hooks with her teeth, and try to yank them out as fast as she could. The pain only causing the creature to yelp and snarl with repugnance. The men had managed to stab her with their gaffs, the long sticks with piercing curved hooks easily slicing and digging into her sides. The blood still seeping from her wound being spilt around her and among the fish that had fell from their tables. Grey-trimmed ears twitched when she felt like she was being watched, that unfamiliar odor becoming stronger. Stormy eyes narrowed at the sight of the obsidian tiger and her lips pulled back to reveal her sharp teeth. Being stuck in this position was not something she wished to stay in any further, especially at the approach of a much larger predator, and one she did not know. A warning growl was given to the female jungle cat not wanting her to come any closer. Yet she felt another’s presence one that brought a familiar painful sensation pounding in her head as her skull turned to the side seeing the familiar ebony figure of the giant cat that managed to help her escape the zoo. Unable to keep her head up it would lower and lay over his paws. It was clear that he was Alpha and as a loner it was painful to be among one like him. After speaking to the two members of his pack and already knowing her place, if he allowed her to join, she had been searching for him to give him an answer to his offer. She had caught onto his scent and she wished to provide him and his pack food, as a way to show she could hold some value…and having Tobi with her might have ensured this to happen, and yet here she was humiliated and caught in a net laced with large fish hooks.

It was no surprise that Tobias had managed to make an appearance which quickly caused the lupine to try and get up on her paws. The need to be among one she trusted had only increased, the predator turned prey, all due to her predicament. There was absolutely zero trust that she had for the she-tiger and she wanted nothing more than to be at the spotted feline’s side. At night when they slept side by side she was comforted into the thought that she was safe. But as she moved the hooks would only dig deeper into her flesh causing the she-wolf to lie down once more. As the tiger began to shift back to her human form, blue-grey eyes only held a look of concern and understanding as she managed to catch the glimpse of the scars that lingered on her flesh. Grey-trimmed ears flattened against her skull her the human girl bared her teeth. Caught in this trap without being able to free herself, mixed in with her natural inability to trust others, caused her to simply growl bearing her teeth as the woman began to touch her. Still coming out of her feral mind her voice was low and garbled as she struggled to move to get away.

“Don’t touch me…”

A part of her was well aware that the long-haired girl was trying to help. Yet it was the animal side of her that still felt threatened being in this trap wanting nothing more than to feel safe once more. That ever annoying need to stay alive forcing her to act as only a frightened animal could. Low growls came out of the creature as soft yelps were released each time a hook was pulled from her pelt. The young woman entirely focused as her fingers moved with uncanny speed over her frame, feeling the painful pull and tug of her skin being free from the hooks. Perhaps the young woman would notice that her dark pelt could not hide the jagged scars that littered her entire frame. It was when she felt the net being lifted from her frame did she manage to get up quickly to her grey paws. Swinging her head side to side her form shaking, as if she were a wet dog, quite pleased to be free once more. Lowering her head her jaws opened, a flash of her teeth shown to the girl as she grabbed a rather large dead fish and slowly walked towards the woman her wounds slowly starting to heal. Reaching the girls side her shoulder would gently brush against her leg and thigh, her head extended upwards to give the girl the fish, and as soon as the girl would take the fish, a soft voice pushed through the young girl’s head.

“Thank you.”

Dark shadows would suddenly spring forth as they slowly began to wrap themselves around the naked girl providing the Were-Tiger some privacy as she stood before the males. A wolfish grin was given to the young woman as her tail swayed side to side slowly, a tentative gesture that she was happy about the violet-eyed woman. Cloaking the girl with her shadows was the least she could do to give her thanks to the young woman knowing full well that being in an animal form was far more pleasing to a Were than being in vulnerable human flesh. Besides with the shadow was quite useful, an armor of sorts, should anyone wish to harm her as of this moment. Similar shadows began to cover her own oddly colored frame as she moved slowly from the girl. As she turned to head towards her spotted feline friend, obeying the low growls that ordered her to return to his side, . Yet even as she approached him her head would lower, tail curling around her legs, when she stood in front of the panther. Her blue-grey gaze managed to hold his own intriguing emerald gaze and for a moment it looked as if she was about to say something. Yet in her submissive state she simply walked away still carrying her posture low for the respect he deserved- whether he was her Alpha or not. He was King here in the West and her presence had been allowed by its previous owner. She managed to rub her bloodied form against Tobi's side when she moved away from the ebony feline. An act of familiarity that all felines gave to another, a habit she had picked up, not caring that her blood stained his golden pelt. Some wounds were healing faster than others, and as she stood at his side she felt the return of being safe flood back once more. She wasn’t quite sure how she would speak to Tetradore, now that she made a complete fool of herself, believing he would hardly accept her now.

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