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    The West

    The western part of the city is often home to the poorer residents. Here there is a certain grunge that permeates the town from the graffiti on the once cleaned brick buildings to the broken and unmaintained architecture. Crime runs high within the western half of town, making it the home of supernatural gangs of illicit activities. Such activities are rarely reported however, and most residents are distrustful of individual's of authorities, instead letting the powerful supernatural beings sort things out amongst themselves. Be careful wandering the Western streets after the sun falls.

    What's You'll Find Here

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    Noah's Ark

    owned by Aiden Tetradore
    1 employees

    Noah's Ark

    Resting upon the harbor, Noah's Ark appears to be little more than an abandoned cargo ship. Accessible from an entrance hidden in the shadows, The Ark is a veritable Were-playground that specializes in fighting tournaments for all creatures great and small. With both singles and doubles tournaments to compete in, the title of Ark Champion is hotly contested amongst the Were population. If anything illegal is going on in the city it's sure to be happening within the back rooms or behind the ring-side bar.

    Owner Aiden Tetradore

    Co-owner Tobias Cain

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    Warehouse District

    Warehouse District

    The warehouse district rests just upon the harbor within the city. Many of the warehouses belong to corporate companies although some are used for less the legal means. Be careful when wandering this district at night for many groups meet within those dark, dilapidated buildings. There are also whispers of hard to obtain goods being sold behind those closed doors but you have to know who's who to get an in!

i could be brown or green or violet sky! On February 07, 2017 at 4:38 AM by Tobias

The dark eyes of the deviant boy remained wholly fixated upon his companion as he inquired as to just how many days were in that three months he was required to drive the Honda. A car, he is sure, that is not at all the same as the one they were within now, his features readily scowling and yet Tetradore was perhaps one of the few people he was largely unwilling to argue against- at least in any sort of open way. Whatever respect he held for his chosen Alpha’s authority so seeing that assurance of his silence on his displeasure, at least until he so desired to know just how many days in those months, even though he was hardly inclined to understand the answer, however it was given. The boy holding no ability to count in any sense. Whatever number he was given hardly mattered and yet some part of him was inclined to believe his companion entirely. Each and every time. Tetradore’s words so upheld as if they were from the very bible itself. Tobias often content to memorise them if only to repeat them for no apparent reason at all. This notion of a calendar was equally as lost upon him and yet his head simply nods readily, that grin finding his features in a clear agreement as he repeats this ’92 days’ over several times as if to taste the words and commit them to memory as they finally made their way to that fair ground.

His excitement is surely palpable now, the deviant scrambling from the car, very near content to drag his companion behind him and towards that music and lights and the scent of food that seems to seize his attention well before anything else. His need for food was seemingly constant. The boy endlessly hungry and willing to consume any and everything in his path if given the chance. Tobias often pilfering from Tetradore’s plate whatever the man might leave behind or, on occasion, might not be fast enough to defend. The other man having learned in their childhood years that unguarded food was fair game for the gangly shadow that followed him so loyally. Tobias moved with an almost predatory procession now, dark gaze flicking from one food stand to the next before at last locating that which his mind seemed to fixate on, that box of brownies plucked from the shelf unseen by the attendant, the sticky fingered thief presenting his prize a moment later. That softly uttered ‘good job’, though surely hardly significant so saw the boy beam in that moment. Praise from Tetradore was rarely ever given and by that same notion, when it was, it held decided meaning to the deviant. Some part within him so designed to desire to impress his companion.

His own portion of those chocolate treats was very near inhaled, that ‘extra’ ingredient hardly noticed, his already fractured mind readily seizing upon another distraction entirely as he pointed towards those cars so designed to be crashed into one another, delight afflicting his features once more as he moved to stride beside his companion and towards them. What, if any, part of the idea of the ride the lanky leopard so understood remained to be seen. Tobias merely moving to mimic his Alpha entirely, seating himself within his own green car before taking hold of the steering wheel. He had ‘driven’ a thousand times over, the boy delighting in sitting in their car collection at home, turning the wheel about and pretending to drive while making those car sounds as he was assured they happened. The pedals he so enjoyed pressing had never worked before. Shock so touching his features the moment that this one seemed too, that forward moment surprising him entirely as his hands so spun that wheel only to send him careening into the side- Tetradore colliding with him but a second later. A yelp of surprise echoed across that ring as those dark eyes turned to narrow upon the other man as he drove past. An unintelligible mutter was released from his lips, Tobias so peering at his feet for a moment before glancing up, words still falling from his lips before the man abruptly seemed to turn the wheel into full lock, foot slammed down upon that pedal to send the car rolling backwards Tobias so seemingly able to steer the car in reverse, sending it straight into Tetradore’s own with clear satisfaction, a snicker so hissing between his lips and he proceeded to, somehow, steer around his best friend and continue backwards around that ring with the clear aim of striking Tetradore again. The deviant boy so keeping up this bizarre form of backwards driving for the entirety of the ride, the shaggy haired man having no ability to go forward at all.

The abrupt end to that ride was met with a clear huff of disdain, Tobias coaxed from the car only when it became clear it would not go again, following Tetradore back into that fair only to point to the next attraction that had seemingly caught his attention, this one having no entry, Tobias content to merely drag Tetradore within that giant tent that had so been constructed into a maze of mirrors. This, perhaps, the utterly worst place for two men whom were no longer entirely sober, even the walls themselves so decorated with mirrors until it looked as if the maze went on forever. The gangly boy had hardly progressed more then five paces within that maze before he halted abruptly, eyeing that mirror before him with clear suspicion.


There was the slightest of slurs to his words, that already fractured mind perhaps beginning to feel the effects of those ‘treats’ at last, the boy gesturing now to that polished glass before him with a clear suspicion, dark eyes narrowed no beneath that wild mop of unruly hair.

“They are….watching….us.”

That the ‘they’ he so referred to was his and Tetradore’s own reflection remained to be seen, the mirror so having distorted them to appear unnaturally tall, Tobias evidently incapable of identifying his own physical form (though whether this was a drug induced effect or merely his normally incapability is hard to define), the boy so clearly believing two other men to be watching them now as he moved to peer behind that mirror- clearly anticipating the pair of ‘watchers’ to be there. Surprise radiating from him the moment they were not, dark, slightly unfocused gaze turned to his companion once more.

“They…are…gone! Must be….hiding. We should….hunt them.”

madness, as you know, is like gravity: all it takes is a little push


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