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    The West

    The western part of the city is often home to the poorer residents. Here there is a certain grunge that permeates the town from the graffiti on the once cleaned brick buildings to the broken and unmaintained architecture. Crime runs high within the western half of town, making it the home of supernatural gangs of illicit activities. Such activities are rarely reported however, and most residents are distrustful of individual's of authorities, instead letting the powerful supernatural beings sort things out amongst themselves. Be careful wandering the Western streets after the sun falls.

    What's You'll Find Here

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    Noah's Ark

    owned by Aiden Tetradore
    1 employees

    Noah's Ark

    Resting upon the harbor, Noah's Ark appears to be little more than an abandoned cargo ship. Accessible from an entrance hidden in the shadows, The Ark is a veritable Were-playground that specializes in fighting tournaments for all creatures great and small. With both singles and doubles tournaments to compete in, the title of Ark Champion is hotly contested amongst the Were population. If anything illegal is going on in the city it's sure to be happening within the back rooms or behind the ring-side bar.

    Owner Aiden Tetradore

    Co-owner Tobias Cain

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    Warehouse District

    Warehouse District

    The warehouse district rests just upon the harbor within the city. Many of the warehouses belong to corporate companies although some are used for less the legal means. Be careful when wandering this district at night for many groups meet within those dark, dilapidated buildings. There are also whispers of hard to obtain goods being sold behind those closed doors but you have to know who's who to get an in!

Cause when a heart breaks, no it don't break even50.35.0.252Posted On June 24, 2017 at 2:04 PM by serafina dubois

Truly, she had wondered why he'd even bothered to return to the city; why he had bothered to find her after all that time had past when he had so abandoned her within the first place. That inquiry fell bluntly from her lips and yet, that answer she was given in return only served to further confuse the girl. A hint of incredulousness filled her voice as she eyed the man, reminding him in those moments of his sins. "I don't know you?" She commented, clearly irked with his assertion of her own views on him. She could hardly believe the nerve of him! Still, maybe he was right, maybe she didn't know him - after all, she'd never expected him to all but vanish on her. A soft snort left her nose as she turned her stormy gaze away from him, unaware of that inner battle within him to so voice those words she desperately needed to hear in that moment. They finally fell with such vulnerable sweetness from his lips that the young girl found herself eying him with near disbelief. She had actually heard that, hadn't she? The young woman slowly shook her head ever so slightly, a sigh falling from her lips as she inquired in a nearly cross fashion, "Then where did you go?"

She hardly gave him much of a chance, however, the rain and cold seeping through her clothes to her fair skin as she stepped away from him near abruptly, both inviting and demanding they returned to her home where she might finally get the answers she was sure she deserved. That request for alcohol, however, was met with near offhanded assurance that she was more than capable of providing such a coercion if he so required it and yet, she hadn't expected that simple comment that she was more then welcome to slip in whatever brand of potion to so flood his system with her affinity. A small snort left her nose as the girl shook her head though she said little in response. That witch had little notion, truly, if she intended to so attempt to coerce that story from his lips. Frankly, she wasn't sure if it really mattered. Things between them, things in her life...everything was different now. That frown, however, remained ever present upon her lips - at least until the man stopped her only to offer her his own leather jacket.

Serafina eyed that trenchcoat with a moment of consideration, noting the way her element seemed to fizzle off the heat of...something. Her eyebrows furrowed in consideration and yet, just as quick as it had been there, it was simply gone. A soft sigh fell from lips as she nodded, stepping forward and pivoting with a ballerina's grace upon her toes only to carefully fit her arms in that larger, heavy jacket. It was decidedly warm against the chill of her skin as she drew it closer towards her, catching that familiar scent that belonged to Brennan alone. It was a smell that had once been her only comfort - that had once been her home. Once upon a time. She pushed those thoughts from her head as she opened that umbrella over them, directing him to stay close and yet, the girl was ignorant of all that he so desired of her. Rather, she remained altogether silent until he finally began to spin his tail, even though the start of it was in a place she least expected.

That inquiry of demons brought a quizzical look to her features, her stormy eyes slowly shifted towards him as she repeated that near dictionary definition of what little she knew of that supernatural kind. That comment that those were the very demons he was speaking of, however, cause her gaze to shift intently towards the man. Something of their very mention had set him on guard, even she could see it in the clench of his jaw and the way he so innocently seemed to rub his wrist. Even so, it wasn't until that comment of a debt that the girl spoke, a small shrug on her shoulders. "I imagine they would want to collect on what they were promised - what did you promise a demon?" Serafina was, if nothing else, a particularly sharp woman when it suited her, the witch easily capable of connecting those dots in some regard before she inquired if her answers lied with those monstrosities. What she didn't expect, however, was the mention of her mentor. Those two words saw the girl near freeze in place as she stared at him, the corner of her lips drawn down in frown. Her mentor? It was his fault? Her free hand clenched in a fist, her eyes narrowed ever so slightly. "Figures." She grumbled under her voice but, it truly made vastly more sense. He had always been controlling, always pushing her away from Brennan, always trying to keep her for his own. Of course it would be his fault.

Serafina shook her head ever so slightly, her pace once again picking up as she commented. "I'm afraid killing him isn't possible, though if there are any answers from him to seek, you're welcome to them….or to yell at him." A small shrug crossed her shoulders, the girl almost purposefully leaving out why his death was impossible, the memory of it still not entirely sitting with her well. She allowed that silence to momentarily drift between them as they neared that altogether familiar townhome, his voice finally breaking that stillness with a comment that sounded almost...vulnerable. She paused, her gaze fluttered towards him as she watched him and yet, when she finally did speak, her voice lacked any of it's prior venom. "How about we start with my mentor, okay?" She commented, pausing to fish her keys out of that bag on her shoulder. "Come on, let's get out of this rain and get dried off." Serafina led the way up the stairs towards her home, pausing to unlock that thick oak door. Her new security alarm began to beep at their entrance, the girl quickly crossing the space to punch in her key code before she gestured for the man to close the door behind him. "If you strip for me, I'll throw your clothes in the dryer." She continued, tossing his jacket over the chair in her living room as she kicked off her near water logged shoes. God, even her socks were soaked. Frankly, she couldn't wait to get out of those wet clothes.

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