Kira Alexeiovna Morozov

Kira  Morozov
Face Claim: carolina porqueddu

General Stats

Name: Kira Alexeiovna Morozov
Nickname: Zero
Birthdate: December 12, 1995 A.D.
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Russian
Hair Color: Platinum Blond
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5'5


Species: Were
Animal: Beluga whale
Date of Change: December 12, 1995 A.D.

Relationship Status

Sexuality: Bisexual
Status: Single


Born partially deaf and after trauma that left her with little vocal capabilities, she primarily communicates with sign language. She prefers to not use her telepathy unless absolutely needed, as a last resort way to communicate with someone. History: WereBeluga are an extremely rare subset of Were. Initially the only Werebeluga were Inuit indigenous peoples, through the years though children were being born even with outsiders in an bid to increase their dwindling numbers and retain their species due to Weretrapping and trafficking; Werebeluga are highly sought after on the black market, often sold to be butchered for their parts which some believe to hold healing abilities or kept as pets to powerful individuals. Born in Anadyr Russia Kira was the only child to her WereBeluga parents. She spent almost her entire childhood in the water where her small family pod drifted from one coastal city to the next, lingering in the safety of the ocean knowing the dangers of land. However, at 14 Kira drifted too close to land and too close to what she assumed to be a simple fishing boat, she was captured in a net and brought to shore. Her parents, forced to shift to try and save her, were inevitably overpowered and captured as well. They were sold together to a large russian mafia compromised entirely of hunters. Initially, they were intended to be split up and sold individually, however when Kira's telepathy was discovered, it made her a valuable asset. In order to manipulate Kira into using her telepathy for them, they kept her parents as leverage. Whenever she disobeyed or messed up, they would beat, starve, or torturer either her or her parents. She spent many nights crying, wailing in grief and anguish, to the point that the Brigadier (leader) brought her to their medical head where they surgically cut her vocal cords. The surgery itself was botched, leaving her with significant scarring and the ability to make only minimal amount of noise, after which they mockingly named her Zero for her lack of voice. After 5 years, her parents helped seize an opportunity, sacrificing themselves to allow Kira a small window to escape. She ran and never looked back, and has been running ever since knowing that they are hunting for her, and if they manage to catch her, killing her would be the nicest thing they would do to her.




Partial deafness


15 Total Points


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