Xavier Blackthorne

Xavier  Blackthorne
Face Claim: Thomas Doherty

General Stats

Name: Xavier Blackthorne
Nickname: Thorne
Birthdate: March 11, 1773 A.D.
Age: 247
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: White
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Gray
Height: 6'
Residence: West


Species: Fairy
Date of Change: May 01, 1801 A.D.

Relationship Status

Sexuality: Heterosexual
Status: Single


Born in Ireland, home of many of the fae, Xavier was always a wild child. From the moment he could walk, he was getting into mischief, and as he aged, his misdeed began to turn fouler and edged with malice. He was never a kind boy yet managed to gather quite a few friends around him, giving him a sense of purpose and self-importance. His family were nobles of small import in Ireland, birthing him into a spot of power, but he always hungered for more. The tales of the fae were spoken of frequently in his childhood days. For years Xavier sought them out at every equinox and event for tales of humans being taken into the fairy realm and changed were spoken of in hushed whispers. As he grew older, so did his need for power and control and he learned how to get what he wanted through manipulation and a cunning tongue. Finally after years, Xavier was successful in meeting one of the fae and after a few more years of plying them with honeyed words, he was given his wish. On the festival of Beltane, he was brought to the edge of the death and given immortal life as a Fae, rising with his new form to wreak havoc on those who had never submitted to him by draining their energy to the point of depletion. After many years of traveling across the globe and amassing whatever power he could, Xavier has decided to settled for a while in Sacrosanct to see what chaos he can unleash.


Power Siphon - Able to siphon power/energy from other living organisms that increases his power for a limited time


Alcohol - any form of alcohol is poisonous to him


6 Total Points


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