Anna-marie Belrose

Anna-marie  Belrose

General Stats

Name: Anna-marie Belrose
Birthdate: June 09, 1338 A.D.
Age: 682
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: French
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 4'6
Residence: Unknown


Species: Vampire
Date of Change: January 01, 1348 A.D.

Sebastian Ellington-Aragona

Relationship Status

Sexuality: Asexual
Status: Single


Anna-Marie is a true example of why a child should never be turned. During the first Black Death that took over Europe she lay dying in her home when the stranger came in, slaughtering and feeding off her healthy family. It was probably the lack of abundant healthy humans that drove vampires to feed so carelessly during the catastrophe. The vampire had taken pity on Anna, her small body ravaged by such a disease, and decided to turn her. She had been a spit-fire when human and was nothing less once turned, a force to be reckoned with with tantrums that were difficult to control. She ended up being the true death to her creator, killing him in one of her fits which triggered her power of manipulation, twisting his body apart. She has lost a lot of her recklessness over the centuries but had only increased with how dangerous she can be. The years have afforded her with plenty of time to master her power of body manipulation which allows her to take control the bodily movement of others against their will as if they were a marionette, subjects are still conscious, but can’t resist the user's puppet control.


Body Manipulation

Can manipulate the movements and body of others with her fingers.

Shadow Creature Creation

The ability to create creatures out of shadows.


Sun does not harm her.


Dolls The girl's childish likes are still ever present!


74 Total Points

Character Timeline


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Anna-marie Belrose
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