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The Rules

Sacrosanct is an open world, post-by-post fantasy rpg. We've provided a bit of a background for you, especially in regards to the species but generally it's completely up to you and other players to shape this world! We want to see what you can do. We want to leave things up to your imagination and as of such we have very few rules against any plots. If you get a group of players together who want to do something dramatic, players who all agree to it together, we're not going to say no! This is YOUR world!

General Rules


The Dark Hunters

The Lore Some legends claim they were crafted by Artemis herself, given the eternal quest to safeguard the sanctity of life. Others claim the first Hunter was human, bitten by the various creatures he hunted till he became something more. Regardless of the tales, for as long as the Supernatural have existed, there have been hunters in their wake to purge their evil from the world. This has, in times past, resulted in it's fair share of wars from the Crusades to the Spanish Inquisition and the Salem Witch Trials.

  • Immortal
  • Heightened Senses
  • Vampiric-level Strength
  • Quick Healing
  • Easily identified by Supernatural.
  • Tend to be hunted themselves.

Becoming A Hunter In order to become a Dark Hunter, the human must have suffered a life-threatening wound from a Supernatural race. Only once an individual is on the edge of death can they recieve the gift of a Hunter via a willing blood transfusion from another Dark Hunter. Most Dark Hunters feel compelled to teach their proteges the art of hunting if only because becoming a Dark Hunter is practically a death sentence in itself.

Children Dark Hunters are capable of procreating with a Hunter, Were (provided the mother is the Were), Witch, Fae and Human. However, a Dark Hunter offspring will always be born a human. Hunter offsprings generally have a fairly robust and abnormally healthy lives but are mortal and will die.

The Council The Hunter Sigial Although some Dark Hunters may choose to persue the Supernatural on their own, others may join the overseeing council. Originating in 1158, the council employs Dark Hunters and keeps a watch on the world at large, deploying or assigning Hunters as needed to any areas particularly suffering from the Supernatural or providing them missions to hunt particular problematic Supernatural. If a Dark Hunter chooses to hunt for the council, they will be given a monthly stipend for living expenses. The Council tends to have both local councils in large cities and also a singular International Council that oversees the whole organization located at Ponferrada Castle in León, Spain.

The Vampires

The Lore Vampires, although they had only gained such a name in the 17th Century, are as old as time itself. The origin of Vampires have long been lost to time though most older cultures tended to believe they were possessed by evil demons or cursed by God himself.

  • Immortal
  • Heightened Senses
  • Supernatural Strength
  • Rapid Healing (the fastest of all species)
  • Their blood may prompt rapid healing in other species.
  • Nocturnal
  • Needs blood to survive
  • Their magic originates through their stolen blood. The less blood a vampire has, the weaker they are.
  • Natural Sunlight will burn and, eventually, kill a vampire
  • Silver may also burn a vampire
  • A stake to the heart will kill a vampire forever.

Becoming A Vampire A human may become a vampire if they are bitten by a vampire, drained entirely of their blood, and then given the blood of a vampire. A vampire will feel a special connection to their creator. They will feel compelled to answer their creator's call, may inherit their creator's abilities, and will feel inclined to save their creator no matter the costs. The loss of a creator is devastating for a vampire.

Appearance & Other Vampires can generally be identified by their pale skin and sharpened canine teeth. A vampire's eye color may change when drinking blood or when hungry. Additionally, a vampire's bite may also contain venom in the salvia which may have various effects from searing pain, temporarily paralysis, or etc.

Children Vampires are incapable of reproducing.

Covens A vampire coven is a vampire family or vampire related pack. All covens have their own rules and laws to abide by. A coven also has it's own heirarchy to help define and shape the Vampire society. A coven may be created if a coven leader has a minimum of two followers. Usually, coven leaders are older, more experienced vampires, in order to keep the younger ones amongst their ranks in check. In order to create a coven, the coven leader should submit and update through the updates page with the coven's name and the names of their followers.

The Witches

The Lore Witchcraft originated in more primitive societies when the world was still new. Witches intially began within ancient Egypt and Babylon where Egpytians were gifted divine powers by the God of Heka. Since then, Magic has spread to the far corners of the world and soon what was once a divine gift was viewed as a connection with demons and maliciousness.

  • Connection to magic.
  • Elemental.
  • Mortal

Becoming A Witch or Warlock Humans may only become a witch or warlock under the tutelage of another witch or warlock. At the beginning, their spells will be extremely weak but, over time, their abilities will increase in power as magic takes hold of the individual.

Appearance & Other Witches and warlocks may appear no different than most humans. However, this species has a defining mark on their body to denote their magical affinity. Witches and warlocks are also marked by their silver blood due to their strong association with magic. This makes their blood a widely sought commodity even amongst their own species because of it's nature to strengthen spell workings. Witches also have a strong connection to the earth and nature, making them the only species that can directly control the elements.

Children Witches and warlocks are capable of reproducing with another witch/warlock, fae, human, or a Dark Hunter. They may also reprouce with Were's only in the event that they are magically capable of carrying a were-child. Except in the case of a were, children of witches and warlocks are born as mere mortal humans. These children often have a strong affiliation with the earth and nature.

Covens A witch coven is a gathering or community of witches that may work together in ceremonies or the celebration of holidays. A coven is generally led by a High Priest and Priestess. In order to create a coven, the coven leader must have two followers and must submit an update through the updates page with the coven's name and the names of their followers.

The Weres

The Lore The were transformation is the result of a virus infecting a once human host. This virus mutates a human's genes though the exact gene to cause this transformation has yet to be identified. It is believed the virus originated by in Europe in the 9th century as a result of a Coven long since lost to time. This knowledge often results in a tremulous relationship between the were species and witches as a whole.

  • Shifting to animal form.
  • Animal like instincts.
  • Animal like senses.
  • Quick Healing
  • Mortal
  • Silver
  • Moon controls shifts.
  • Decaptation is the best way to kill a were.

Becoming A Were A human may become a were-creature if they are bitten by another were-creature or born of a were-parent. Due to this, mythical were-creatures such as dragons and unicorns do not exist in this world.

Appearance & Other Were-creatures usually appear entirely human when they are, well, in their human form. In their animal form they may look no different then other creatures of their species. This means you won't see a werewolf running around on two legs. An exception to this occurs within their markings. A were-creature may have any markings or colors desired, natural or otherwise.

Shifting Weres who were recently turned may only shift during the full moon and may not recover from the shift for hours or days. The longer an individual is a were-creature, the more they can shift at their will, without the moon, and with less recovery time needed. Weres cannot vocally talk when shifted and can only speak with non-weres if they obtain mental communication as a power. In their animal form, weres can communicate with others weres through mental communication. Weres may not partial shift unless they obtain it as a power. Weres shifting can also be influenced by their Alpha when a were is in a pack.

Children Male Weres can only have children with a female Were. Female Weres, however, may be impregnanted by a Hunter, Fae, or Witch. A female Were can additionally have a child with a human but having unprotected sex with a female Were would result in the human's transformation into a Were. In the event of two Were parents, each parent's Were species having a chance of passing their animal species to the children. For example, a were-lion and a were-zebra could mate as humans but their child would have 50% chance of being a lion OR a zebra. Weres will always pass their were disease onto their children.

Packs A pack is a group of weres that train, hunt, and typically live together. Packs tend to be more family centric with each member viewed as being apart of the family. Packs are led by an Alpha and his or her mate which may be followed by a Beta, Delta, and the rest of the pack. Packs may be animal specific or contain multiple species. A pack must have, at minimum, two followers. In order to form a pack, the Alpha should submit an update with their two followers and their pack's name.

The Fae

The Lore Fae are, at their core, spirits who were not given the lives they deserved, as evidenced by the way in which fae are often made. However, much of this species is not known as the myriad of lore that surrounds them has warped and changed to such an extent that the truth has long since been lost.

  • Immortal
  • Nimble
  • May have wings for flight - though they are often hidden
  • Iron can burn or kill a fae

Becoming A Fae Humans may become faes through a ritual in which the human is killed at which point they are brought back to life as a spirit of their former self - also known as a fairy in this instance. Fairies often do not have the same strong bond between themselves and their maker as other races do.

Appearance & Other Fairies appear human for all intents and purposes. However, they are often smaller and thinner in stature then the other races. Fairies are also distinguishable by their pointed ears - most of the time this difference is subtle. Fairies are also the only race that may fly. Not all fairies are born with this ability (as it is a race specific power), but fairies that can fly have transparent wings that are only present during flight. However, those that are capable of flight often choose not to if only because it makes it far easier for Dark Hunters to distinguish them and, often times a spotted fae is hunted down and killed.

Children Faes can reproduce with Dark Hunters, Humans, and other Fae. Fae children, however, are generally quite rare. In order for a fae child to be born, the mother, the unborn child must first die in the womb after six weeks of conception. At which point, the fae parent's recessive gene, if passed onto the unborn child, will revive the child into a fae. The fae gene itself is is so recessive it almost never occurs, resulting in a distinct amount of difficulty to have a fae child.

Monarchies Faes typically tend to gather in courts that are ruled by a singular monarchy. The members of the court are subserviant to their King or Queen the same as any Monarchy of old. To create a monarchy, the King should submit an update through the updates page with the name of their court and the members of it.

The Humans

The Lore Humans are exactly what you think - mortal. This means they have average lifespans, are susceptible to disease and injure easily. Fortunately for humans, they outnumber the supernatural population greatly. Points earned by human characters can be used toward gaining potions (often a one-time use) or enchantments.

Groups Humans can create groups, such as general crime gangs, hate gangs, and even groups that support the existence of other species. To create a group, the group leader should submit an update through the updates page with the name of their group and their two followers.

Powers & Weaknesses


[ 25 points ]

Definition: Flaws or aspects of their powers which may negatively affect the character.

  • Each supernatural must have one weakness upon joining.
  • An unlimited number of weaknesses can be gained.
  • Not applicable to humans.

Aesthetic Power

[ 50 points ]

Definition: A power that purely affects the asthetics of the user, be it eye color, hair color, etc.

  • Optional.
  • Each supernatural is allowed only one aesthetic power.
  • Not applicable to humans.


[ 100 points ]

Definition: A basic power chosen by the player. Typically localized to the character and/or their immediate surroundings.

  • Each supernatural must have one power upon joining.
  • Each supernatural are allowed a total of 5 basic power.
  • Not applicable to humans.

Item Power

[ 200 points ]

Definition: A power that can only be used if your character has a specific item on them. This power essentially originates from the item and not your character.

  • Optional.
  • Each species allowed only one item power.
  • Unlike most human potions, this power has no specific number of uses.
  • Applicable to all species.

Special Power

[ 300 points ]

Definition: More powerful than a normal power, special powers may affet the entire city. However, only one special power may affect the city at a time. The city will return to "normal" within a week's time. Special powers may cross the boundaries of species barriers including: wings (not always viewable), shapeshifting, and elemental powers.

  • Optional.
  • Each supernatural is allowed one special power.
  • Not applicable to humans.


[ 25 points ]

Definition: A potion or enchantment given or purchased by the user. The user is allowed to choose the potion's affect.

  • Optional.
  • When you purchase the potion, you will be told how many uses the potion has based on luck, the potion's power, and the potion's effect.
  • Each human are allowed five potions at one time.
  • Not applicable to supernaturals.


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