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the goddess stirs (humans & shifters)

Posted on December 20, 2020 by Kinship
The goddess is waking,
and we are doomed...

We realized it far too late. A strange being has wandered Ognos these past three years, spreading chaos and Blight in its wake, and we trembled but we did not see. We were shaken to our very core, our lives disrupted. Some fled while others geared up for war, but both found their efforts largely fruitless. No single force could stop the giant, that much was clear. So for the first time, after so many years of bloodshed and strife, the Beasts and Humans became allies against a common foe, and all across the country unlikely alliances were formed for protection, for safety, for hope.

This next foe is so much fiercer, so much smarter. It does not stride mindless across open fields and desolate plains, a passive disruption one might, eventually, learn to live with. Oh no, no, we are not so lucky this time: this thing has wings, and teeth, and the savage intelligence of an apex predator to which we are a mere rung on the foodchain.

Commoner and noble, Beast and Human, Shade and Spirit, this creature weighs heavy on all our minds. But for some among us it is an oppressive cloak of iron, a collar growing ever-tighter about their throats. Because they know something the rest of us don't: about the goddess raging in her prison in the sea. They know the locks are coming undone.

They know, of course, because they were the ones who put her there...

Will You Join Us?


Kinship is a Boards2Go game set in the fantasy island country of Ognos! We have officially left Beta status and have launched our first official version as of December 13th, 2020. Just some of the things we offer include...

- A variety of ways to participate in the sitewide plot.
- Two player races: the shapeshifting, magic-wielding Beasts or the politically powerful, tech adept humans.
- Two types of supernatural companions: Shades, who bond with Beasts, and Spirits, who bond with humans.
- Seven mini-games to help jumpstart muse and ensure you have something to do even when regular posting is difficult.
- Opportunities to play noble, royal, leadership, and even divine characters.
- There are eight magic branches; eight tech specialties; and eight Bonded lines!
- Earn prizes for posting and event participation; you can also buy a variety of items from the Marketplace.

image by Julien Lanoy

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