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Hunter or Hunted? A Mortal Instruments rpg

Posted on February 22, 2017 by The Clave
Hunter or Hunted?
So Sebastian is Dead. Valentine is dead. Five Years have gone by and the Clave is still trying to rebuild and restabalize everything. They are searching for kids that have the site and teaching them about the shadow world and after they are educated they are given the choice with the known fact that choosing to ascend could still mean their death as theire is just a 85% of completing the ascension. As of right now except for the occasional demon disturbance Shadow hunters are scattered in search of children with the site.
Alec is in charge of the Institute with his mother Maryse for help. Jace and Clary are Engaged and Clary has also become parabatai with her best friend Simon who had only been able to regain his own memories by fully ascending to become a shadow hunter himself. However; he and Izzy are now just friends and for the time being are happily single. Jocelyn and Luke had also not long after the final battle found out Jocelyn was pregnant with twins. They now have a four year old boy named Jonathan Christopher Greymark in memory of the son Jocelyn lost and His twin sister (to be named when player is found). Magnus is off on more adventures by himself.

All seems rather peaceful doesn't it? Well something is far from right. Lilithe demon mother of Sebastian has done something yet again but has gone beyond what anyone would of expected. Double trouble have risen from their grave despite Raziel killing Valentine, Lilithe has returned him and Sebastian back to the living. But why did she help Valentine? No one will ever know as it back fired on her when Valentine struck her down sending her back to her dimension.

What will these two do this time around? For sure they both have their same personalities and evilness wreak all over them. Is anyone safe? Will they both stalk the institute? Is Clary or Jace Safe? Are Luke and Jocelyn and their twins safe? Their is a third entity with the two but what? Where do you lie? Are you a mortal looking to ascend? Are you a young shadow hunter born to the trade? Are you a downworlder hoping to keep the peace, or perhaps looking to ruin the peace? Are you someone who knows about the evil brewing? Choose wisely because every choice has a consequence.

ON a side note, if your can make site layouts or have an old one that might fit this game I would greatly appreciate it as I am only using this one till i can find a new one as I can't do layouts.
Hunter or Hunted

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