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THE CONTAGION IS SPREADING; mythical horse rpg

Posted on March 25, 2017 by THE RIFT

Introducing The Rift: a new take on a fantasy horse rpg.
Inspired by video games like Skyrim, The Rift was created
to be a place where creativity can be unleashed.

'A monster has found the Rift. And it will make us monsters of ourselves.'

The magic watched the brokenness of time for moments and years and seconds. It found the wild unpredictability of time beautiful. It longed to know the way time devoured up all the magic creatures into ash and nothingness.

It yearned and desired. The magic wanted. And so it becameâ€"

The magic took upon itself a name (many names, many hungers): Contagion. Taint. Virus. Pestilence. Parasite. The magic curled into the bones of a horse and multiplied into a sea of cells. The mind of the horse changed, grew unsteady and violent and vicious. The horse needed as much as the magic did.

The horse wanted everything. All the others called him the first, the first ruined one, the first to pass along the plague, monster of magic.

They all learned to dread what the first brought to their shrines of blood and boneâ€"for the antidote is nothing.

There is nothing to save once the infection sinks deeps into the heartâ€"nothing, nothing, nothing.

*first game of its kind to play more like a writing-based video game
*complete control of character appearance
*ongoing infection plot, with disease and mutations spread through activity and chance
*lands, antidotes, magic, and bonuses are unlocked through in-game events
*fun, friendly, and upbeat writing family
*game elements are completely optional; play with as many or as few as you wish

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