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Beqanna; Fantasy Equine RPG

Posted on April 06, 2017 by

The ashes of the Reckoning did not choke Beqanna.

Where death had sought to take hold, new life blossomed.Where destruction had once marked its territory, new growth arose.Where darkness had threatened to envelop, a new sunrise had just begun.

As the ash blew to dust, civilizations rose, rebuilt, and reconquered. Rains came and washed away the blood of lost family and friends, and in time, the landscape began to change again. Mists began to recede, revealing a new world to those who remained. Washed away were the ancient traditions, erased with the old kingdoms. A new generation begins to prosper, in more ways than any could ever anticipate. Herds, kingdoms, and loners came together, to write their own rules and to pay homage to the greatest sunrise yet.

This is a sunrise of promise.
This is a sunrise of rebirth.
This is Beqanna.

Beqanna is a fantasy horse RPG, 15 years old and still going strong. Come join our community and help write the next chapter of our history. This is your opportunity to create your legacy!

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