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Posted on June 02, 2017 by NORTH OF NOWHERE
an advanced play-by-post realistic wolf roleplay

Since anyone can remember, wolves have lived in the hidden land of Elsynia. Nobody remembers just how they got there... all they know is that they enjoyed their way of life, free from outside influence or change. Elsynia is surrounded on three sides by treacherous mountains and to the south, a never-ending ocean. The only relatively easy way in is through a passage on the eastern border. This passage was thought to be the channel for life in the beginning, but it has long since been blocked. Of course, nobody was interested in opening it... until now. A group of wolves took it upon themselves to unblock the passage. Some wanted freedom from the valley, others wanted to let new blood into their secluded home. Whatever their reasoning, it was not the popular opinion so many of those involved have gone into hiding.

With its gateway to the world open, how will Elsynia fair?

html by castlegraphics; image by vanillun

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