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embrace the darkness: supernatural

Posted on July 19, 2017 by shambles

There are beginnings to all things, yet some beginnings are unknown. Once there were wolves who spread far and wide, living a life of simplistic instinct, and then one full moon, these same wolves became something else. Something different. They became human. Even now historians search for the key to unravel such a mystery of lost beginnings, but for centuries these wolves have become something well known: Werewolves. The town of Warsaw is steeped in legend of these creatures for they are well known in the parts, although some ancient magic or law keeps the knowledge of them safe within the city (and those cities elsewhere that have their own populations). The world, in general, is oblivious, yet the citizens of Warsaw are aware of their neighbors, if a bit alarmed by them. But, the darkness not only holds the howls of wolves, but something else has begun to encroach upon the city and rumor has it, it is not of the furry kind...

Shambles; embrace the darkness

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