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LEGENDS - A mature fantasy animal rpg.

Posted on January 14, 2020 by SoreWounds

Welcome to a world of endless possibilities. We are Legends of Tomorrow or better known as LoT. We have currently revamped our entire site to better suit the needs of our guests and members alike. By popular demand, we added a secondary main species, horses!

We offer a third type of species that can be used as companions, so we welcome birds - lizards - smaller felines/canines and bovines to your wolf or horse. Want to play a horse or wolf with crazy mutations and colors? We got you covered! We don't limit you on how you create your characters at all! So we welcome your rainbow ponies and fire breathing wolves.

We have added new magic powers and elementals too! We downsized on our continents so now it's just 2 you can roam freely in. We added more lore to give a homey feel to our site. A wiki site is slowly being created so that when members need help - you can access our Wiki site for more guidance! We also have updated artwork for our Magic pixels, Native species, Stones and tokens members can buy and find through exploring in threads with your characters.

And there's more coming in the next few months! We have fixed up our banner to be a bit more mobile/iPad friendly so hopefully, members can enjoy the sleek layout that we offer! We also have our first banner ever made by the beautifully talented ghostlyspirit on !!

So come on down and join us in the fun!

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