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Love love love!

Posted on October 28, 2018 by DarQ
I'm totally up for the burning thing they gotta get out of bonding moment and all the talks and fear and stuff. She'll totally have to hit up Alex for some training as well xD

Yes, Damon can definitely come by to check on her. He has a soft spot for that little spitfire ^_^

Bahaha might be fun though, Malia and Seb meeting up! She'll totally call him on it if he turns up the charm and she'll be soo curious about him being married to a fairy man. She wants to be friends with all gay people lmao

Yess I'll see about mentioning it to Zombie when I get a chance about redoing the dinner thread.

That could be fun! Erik if very skeptical of all hunters but maybe Alex will help convince him they're not all the same. Them working together might be fun!

I can totally start the Damon thread for Chizue and any/all others if you want. Do you need me to hold off on any? Don't want to overwhelm you with a bunch of threads xD


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