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plots?? I need 'em!

Posted on November 29, 2018 by Vinyl
I'm looking to get my characters into some kind of longer-ish type plots. I feel like that will help keep me posting more actively, cause right now, I join a couple threads then sputter out :/

So if you're looking to plot or have an idea, let me know! <3

I've got:

Dareios: My rich vampire who is the mayor of Sacrosanct. He tries really hard to suppress his more primal/vampire needs and cling to whatever humanity he has left, with varying success. He's generally a good guy, and wants to use his position as mayor to unite the citizens of Sacrosanct. He's a bit of a hopeless romantic, but he hasn't had a serious love interest in some time. He also runs an illegal drug ring on the down low (it's where he makes his money) which he uses a charming antique restoration business as a front. He could use love interests, friends, foes, or aid someone in any way.

Then here's my dark hunter, Gia Jones, who goes by Buffy. She's a tortured soul. She has a drinking problem, and probably an anger management one too. She's also suffering from PTSD - a vampire used his power to manipulate her when she was a young hunter, and she spent the better part of a year or more (she's not sure how long) under his control. During this time, her mother was sick with cancer and passed away. She's never forgiven herself for this. It's also spurred a deep hatred in her for vampires, but that's slowly changing as she meets new ones... She can use friends or even maybe a love interest (if someone is brave enough) but general adventure plots, etc.

Let me know! :)

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