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what's happening? we are both in barrels- that's the extent of my knowledge (Bubbles and Tet)

Posted on May 30, 2019 by Kite
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SO. On this day 6 real life years ago Tobi decided he would befriend Tet. By taking his cookie. Then trying to challenge him to a game of fire car frisbee. Because this is the way all friendships are forged. Somehow, despite the odds, they have survived car jackings, casino thefts, gangland wars, elemental battles, arguments over the remote, the controller, the food and any household chore, being Were's, moving to Sarco, the death of their family, crab spiders, Easter egg hunts, Tet fake-dying, blowing up Syn, the fighting ring and everything else in between. Somehow, someway and against all the odds- they were made for each other. They were the beginning of it all haha.


Tobi wouldn't have it any other way. Look how nicely the boys grew up XD

Happy 6th Anniversary


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