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;; dancing with this chemical attraction

Posted on June 19, 2016 by SEBASTIAN ELLINGTON-ARAGONA
Sebastian Ellington-Aragonafor pleasure seldom has a cure

It was no secret that the vampiric child despised such risque activities - though why was quite a mystery to the man at her side. After all, bars and hovels had existed for as long as he could remember. Once upon a time the women could be found cluttering on the edge of the streets with their breasts quite nearly hanging out. By all standards, such activities had almost become subdued in some fashion or another as years continued to slip by. Of course, he had no true notion of exactly how old his maker was, much less her history or...well, anything really. For all Sebastian knew, the child like monstrosity could have by the byproduct of the Puritans or some such nonsense. His crystalline gaze shifted towards the young child, his lips momentarily pressing together with a frown and yet, he continued to follow her into the darkened space if only to spare the world at large the young child's fatal tantrums.

With a soft sigh, Sebastian followed the young girl into the bar, entirely ignoring the looks the pair received. This was certainly not the first time the vampire had been rewarded with the blatant stares of bar patrons and would surely be the last one either. After all, this was very much Sebastian's world - the men and women that sat within these cushioned chairs attempting to ignore the time that passed before their troubled eyes. Instead, Sebastian's crystalline gaze settled entirely upon Anna-Marie, listening to words that only half made sense to him. Clearly, whomever this woman was had a sort of attachment to the child though, it would seem that she too disagreed with Anna-Marie's cruel and selfish methods for her consumption of blood. The child had no regard for life and it seemed as if he was hardly the only one that had become a victim of this narcissism. He couldn't help but to wonder how many this Ceara had murdered for his maker's amusement, much less how she had stuck to her own ways for so long before, finally, a far more important question crossed his mind - did Ceara too owe her creation to the deranged child that led him?

His bright blue gaze turned towards the blonde woman that his child companion bounded towards, his eyes momentarily drifting from head to toe in an inquisitive fashion. He hardly bothered to utter even a word of explanation as the young girl exclaimed quite loudly that he was hers. Thankfully, he was momentarily spared from spending any prolonged time within the child's presence by the suggestion she should go upstairs and play 'tea party' with some unnamed man. Sebastian's gaze momentarily turned towards the young girl, offering her a small simper before uttering softly, "Go play nicely." He relied entirely upon his own affinity to coax the child to want to please him before he released his affinity upon her, his gaze momentarily watched the girl bound up the stairs and out of his hair. A soft breath of relief left Sebastian's lips, his shoulders shrugging downwards ever so slightly in a nearly exhausted fashion. Unfortunately, he was hardly out of the deep end yet - a fact which he was reminded of by the sound of soprano lyrics. His gaze turned towards the female he now knew as Ceara before his head bobbed ever so slightly. 'Yes, that would be.....nice." He stated simply, moving to sit in front of the young woman. "I'm afraid with her I seem to eternally be at the wrong place at the worst time." He muttered softly, after all, what other words could be used to explain all that he'd been through at Anna-Marie's hands.


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