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living like we're renegades

Posted on May 13, 2019 by Carolina Grace Bedford

Walk me home in the dead of night
I can't be alone with all that's on my mind

The supple leather curled invitingly around her slender frame as she slid into the dark vehicle's interior, legs crossing as she reclined slightly. Her veiled eyes watched Sebastian's familiar form settle in the opposite seat, his open gaze mirroring her own as she studied him in the dim glow of the dashboard lights as those dark figures entered the front of the car and shifted it into movement. She knows the dimness doesn't affect either of their sight, if possibly the darkness enhanced their abilities yet she can still appreciate the contrast the lighting throws across his features. He lets her quiet appraisal of the flutter of activity their exit from the club warranted slide off his shrugging shoulders, the soft lilt of his laugh enough of a response. He knew it was a whole affair, but it seemed something he had grown rather used to. She seemed to remember him being a bit incredulous about those guards the last time they were together, but perhaps something had changed. Her memories of that night were also not the clearest lost in the haze of alcohol and his potent venom, though some moments stood out in juxtaposition with stark clarity.

Her question however seems to catch him off guard, which was a rare feat for the suave vampire, waiting as he regarded her quietly with his head canted ever so slightly. Curiosity colors her features as he begins his response, not entirely expecting those reasons that reminded her of his age despite how unapparent it was in his youthful face. She stills as he finishes, the possibility that some one would make an attempt on his life hadn't even occurred to her. It was often hard for her to reconcile the man she had met all those years ago at that Halloween party with the one before her now. He still held himself the same, largely acted the same around her, and though she saw him in the media frequently now that she had returned to the city it just didn't seem like the same man sitting across from her now. She opened her mouth slightly to respond, closed it but started once more right as the vehicle came to a stop. "Well then, I guess I can appreciate them for that if nothing else."

It was at that moment the door opened, the dark figure uttering that title which was so outside of the Sebastian she knew. His quiet thanks the only response as he emerged from that dark SUV, Carolina beginning to slide towards the door herself as he turned around and offered her his hand. She paused momentarily, that offer seeming so dated and yet familiar from her own upbringing. Her birthplace rather stuck in an era long past and most of her youth spent teaching her how to act in such 'high societies' even though they were the least of her interests. She knew etiquette and manners in spades even if she never desired to use them again, there was a reason she had left that life. Still, she knew the gesture from the polished man was more formality than anything and she laid her warm palm across his own allowing him to guide her from the depths of that car and towards the largely empty creperie.

Sweet scents flooded her nostrils, everything from the batter to the array of toppings laid out on the counter behind the glass had her mouth veritably watering as they stopped before the woman at the counter. She was obviously excited at the prospect of serving royalty such as Sebastian, no doubt with how much his face all over the news he was easily recognized and made good eye candy for anyone who saw him, lord knows she enjoyed what she looked at. Still his gaze turned back to her, the one who garnered no attention from any of the onlookers for who was she next to him? It didn't bother her however, the leopard more than content in her anonymity. She cannot resist however the way her body leans towards him however, the near gravitational pull of those crystalline eyes something she never resisted though her gaze roved from him momentarily to study the bold, dark lettering of the menu.

There were more options that she could count, the café obviously catering to literally any clients taste and she pulled her pink lips between her teeth for a moment in thought. Her eyes light up as she finds her choice, her tongue running across those lips as she drags her eyes back to him once more. "I think I'd like to try the bananas foster crêpes." Her eyes sparkle slightly with mischief, one of the memories that was crystal clear from their last night together being his revealing what her blood had tasted like to him. It led to other memories, the feel of his venom in her veins, the race of her heart the cool brush of his skin... Pulling herself from that very tempting train of thought she looked over to the eager girl behind the counter, giving her a light smile instead. "With extra whipped cream, to go." Her hand rose to brush those waves of blonde hair behind her ear, unable to suppress how that smile grew at her own thoughts.

Carolina Grace Bedford.


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