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Posted on July 21, 2019 by JailHeart
Raven Cain
virtue has a veil, vice a mask
i'm not ashamed of my scars, i'm ashamed of the world for not understanding.

It was odd to see the store completely dark. Sure her place of business was closed, but usually there were a few lights turned on. Moving through the aisle she eventually found her witch turned around doing something behind the counter. As she got closer her head titled to the side curious as to what Serafina was up to and why she would need her in the first place. Did they need to go gather up some herbs? Was she wanting to spend some quality time? She returned from her honeymoon and she knew they needed to spend some time alone together, just as her mate and their Alpha needed to do. Calling out to the raven-haired woman with a playful note in her voice a small smile appeared as she approached the desk. Snickering softly she leaned over the counter resting her elbow on the counter, with her head resting in her hand, blue-grey eyes watching the witch's' every movement. She appeared...rattled and determined. The woman seemed quite focused on her task. With a grin she replied to Serafina's grumbled words quite proudly.

"That's because I'm always coming to help you. It's part of my job."

Wasn't that part of the role as her familiar? To be there for her time of need, whether it was big or small? Seeing the woman grab the pestle she watched as she methodically smashed the pestle into the mortar, crushing whatever it was she had in there. Tilting her head slightly upwards she sniffed the air trying to see if she could pinpoint some of the ingredients she was using. As she titled her head she did notice the bright red marks that were around her wrists. Odd. Why did she have those marks? Hearing the muffled sounds of someone struggling in the back of her workshop she turned her head around looking at the closed door. What in the world did Serafina have in there? Picking herself up from the counter she made her way over towards the door, hearing those muffled sounds get even louder as Serafina spoke. A male was snooping on her witch and taking photos of her? That was wrong. More than wrong. That was heinous. Blue-grey eyes widened in shock as her head whipped around staring at the witch, her voice holding a concerned tone.

"He was....spying on you? Why? How did you figure it out? How did you catch him? Where are these photos and cameras? Are you okay?"

Hearing the man make some more noise the lupine charged straight for the door. Both hands were curled into fists as she forcefully pounded them both over the door, drowning out his noise with those thumps. Bearing her teeth she snarled as she threatened the man.

"Hey, shut up before I give you a real reason to scream."

Hearing the man stop making a sound she marched away from the door an annoyed look on her face. Heading back over to Serafina she noticed a bit of the blue hue illuminating part of her face for a moment. Would this truth potion truly work? What if he had the power to lie, no matter what? Looking at the potion and then back at the door that temporarily kept Serafina's assailant safe. Gently she rubbed her shoulder against her charge as she sighed and muttered softly.

Raven Cain.
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