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Posted on March 24, 2020 by Vinyl

It's not the long walk home that will change this heart, but the welcome I receive after the restart.

The more relaxed and open Miya became, the more seemingly torn Dareios was. It wasn't the poor girl's fault, the vampire knew. But as she touched him, and caressed his cold hand, and made comments about how handsome he was, he felt his undead insides churn with lust and thirst. His body longed for a different age, one where Dareios let his more primal urges run rampant. A time where he fed and killed and slept with anyone he so pleased, through acts of violence and intimidation, or with those who liked violence and intimidation.

The vampire mayor knew he walked a thin line here. He'd already caved once, having fed on a former human business associate for weeks until he withered away in his brownstone's basement shortly before being elected. It was a dirty secret he'd shared with no one, and the first time he'd lost control in many, many years. There was no way for Miya to know that, but he felt guilty anyway, and turned his head away from her, staring out into the dark smokey bar for a minute while he waited for the bartender to run his credit card.

But Miya had a charming way of drawing him back in. He was quietly delighted that she chose to follow him home, even though

Dareios Auerbach | Vampire | Vinyl

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