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Carolina Blue w/Shine

Posted on April 29, 2020 by Riley
Carolina Grace Bedford
living like we're renegades

Walk me home in the dead of night
I can't be alone with all that's on my mind
So say you'll stay with me tonight
'Cause there is so much wrong going on outside

The drive back towards Riverdale had been a quiet one, only the quiet sound of the radio playing over scratchy speakers. Her tattered old Civic wasn't much, she had even lived out of it for a time as she struggled her way back to Sacrosanct, but she had a fondness for its ragged appearance. Like her, it had seen some things and it had character, new cars with their shiny accents seemed far too unemotional for her liking. Not that she couldn't appreciate their shiny and sleek exteriors, even with the impending doom of the Ark getting behind the wheels of Tetradore's prized vehicles had still been enjoyable, but on the day to day she preferred the thread-bare seat that was near molded to her body now. Her gaze shifted briefly to the figure occupying the typically vacant passenger seat, she considered Alexis a friend but the two had never spent much one-on-one time together. Her job on fight nights involved a different area than hers, but it hadn't stopped them from running in to each other before or after them.

A few times the leopard considered breaking the silence, but what did you say to someone who had just lost not only their home but their packs stronghold. It had been a direct and decisive attack on their family, and though ultimately Carolina had only lost her place of work she was still reeling. The Ark and Tetradore's pack had seemed untouchable to her, but there was no possibility that tonight's catastrophe had been an accident. So she let them sit in comfortable silence as they drove the short distance from the docks to the rough brick exterior of the cheaper apartment complex in the city. She liked its proximity to work and the industrial accents that made it unique, an obvious theme in her life. Parking she walked around to help the other were with what few things she had been able to save from the disaster before leading her up the stairs to the second floor and into her home.

She held the door open before letting it fall closed behind them and giving Alexis a moment to survey the cozy though decidedly not extravagant flat. "It's not much, but the heat works and we get all the premium channels." Her voice was light, unsure of exactly how or what the other girl was feeling right now. Carolina had lost a home or two in her time, but those were mostly by her own choice and that made all the difference. "There's a spare room around the corner, its small but there's a futon that's soft and I have some blankets I can pull out for you." It was sheer luck that had given her a two bedroom apartment when she had returned, it was the only thing open and Sebastian was the one who had done the smooth talking to the landlord and ensured her rent was no higher than the last time she hasd leased a single. That man could sell ice to an eskimo, she had no doubt. "There's food in the fridge, and I have toiletries if you need anything or we can run out to the store later. And that," she said, her gaze dropping to the steely gray cat winding his way around Alexis' ankles with startling familiarity, "is Grayson. I apologize, he knows nothing of personal space." In her experience most cats weren't fond of shifters, something about the animal sense, but Grayson had never seemed to care what someone was so long as they were willing to stand there and let him rub on them.

Carolina Grace Bedford.

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