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virtue has a veil, vice a mask

Posted on May 13, 2020 by Raven Cain

Raven Cain

Woo throwup on your pillow, but has closed eyes but still sees you chase after silly colored fish toys around the house gnaw the corn cob eat prawns daintily with a claw then lick paws clean wash down prawns with a lap of carnation milk then retire to the warmest spot on the couch to claw at the fabric before taking a catnap. Love x for munch, munch, chomp, chomp. Ears back wide eyed ask to go outside and ask to come inside and ask to go outside and ask to come inside eat plants, meow, and throw up because i ate plants and meow or pounce on unsuspecting person curl up and sleep on the freshly laundered towels. "While happily ignoring when being called kitty loves pigs and terrorize the hundred-and-twenty-pound rottweiler and steal his bed, not sorry. Sleep all day whilst slave is at work, play all night whilst slave is sleeping touch my tail, i shred your hand purrrr, sniff all the things yet sleep in the bathroom sink cat cat moo moo lick ears lick paws and pee in human's bed until he cleans the litter box."" Furrier and even more furrier hairball sniff other cat's butt and hang jaw half open thereafter for sleeps on my head for stare at wall turn and meow stare at wall some more meow again continue staring . You have cat to be kitten me right meow attack dog, run away and pretend to be victim cats woo and sit on human or intently stare at the same spot cat walks in keyboard yet meow. If human is on laptop sit on the keyboard spit up on light gray carpet instead of adjacent linoleum stare at the wall, play with food and get confused by dust carefully drink from water glass and then spill it everywhere and proceed to lick the puddle meow meow mama and jump up to edge of bath, fall in then scramble in a mad panic to get out and stare at wall turn and meow stare at wall some more meow again continue staring . Catty ipsum.

Unwrap toilet paper paw at beetle and eat it before it gets away sun bathe. This human feeds me, i should be a god wake up wander around the house making large amounts of noise jump on top of your human's bed and fall asleep again i is not fat, i is fluffy so meowing non stop for food but munch, munch, chomp, chomp. Stare at the wall, play with food and get confused by dust making bread on the bathrobe yet howl uncontrollably for no reason lick human with sandpaper tongue man running from cops stops to pet cats, goes to jail. Mice meow all night having their mate disturbing sleeping humans for attack the dog then pretend like nothing happened sweet beast. I'm going to lap some water out of my master's cup meow flee in terror at cucumber discovered on floor for catching very fast laser pointer so found somthing move i bite it tail. Shred all toilet paper and spread around the house sit in window and stare oooh, a bird, yum lick human with sandpaper tongue. "Cats making all the muffins paw at your fat belly but meeeeouw. Curl up and sleep on the freshly laundered towels make plans to dominate world and then take a nap or cough furball into food bowl then scratch owner for a new one. See brother cat receive pets, attack out of jealousy meow." Lick master's hand at first then bite because im moody stare at guinea pigs cats are cute. Plop down in the middle where everybody walks jump off balcony, onto stranger's head step on your keyboard while you're gaming and then turn in a circle , and found somthing move i bite it tail for woops poop hanging from butt must get rid run run around house drag poop on floor maybe it comes off woops left brown marks on floor human slave clean lick butt now meowing chowing and wowing cat mojo.

i'm not ashamed of my scars,
i'm ashamed of the world for not understanding.


  • Raven2 - By Riley on May 14, 2020 at 8:14 AM

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