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i'll wash my hands of these bloody prints

Posted on June 18, 2020 by WILLIAM HOLLOWAY

William Holloway

I'm a devil in disguise

For nearly two weeks, William had been fueled by an ache in his chest that didn't seem to want to go away. After the events of the night that Vhalla had been so forcibly removed from his life, William had simply chose to spend as much of his time alone as possible. After all, it was the only thing that he could do. Everyone left him in the end. Even Sebastian would ultimately be gone. He had his boyfriend - the mysterious man that Will had yet to find out anything about - and eventually William would be but a human memory that they tried to cling to. Will had been avoiding him as of late. He'd crawl out of bed before the sun went down and wouldn't return until well after daylight. And well, he had no other friends in the city - not really - so his days had been entirely lonely.

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