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Posted on January 19, 2021 by Will Test

William Holloway

I'm a devil in disguise

In his new home, William was quickly learning to draw the similarities between the weather in Sacrosanct and his native London. Where most might have found the constant clouds and dampness dreary, the Duke was finding himself more and more at home by the minute. It was easy to see now why Sebastian had chosen to make his home here, even if the stubborn Englishman absolutely refused to acknowledge that any place could be as wonderful as their homeland. William was becoming increasingly eager in his role as Sebastian's bodyguard for a return to the country he'd been born in. But in the meantime, he was happy to enjoy his new life here, and to enjoy the rare good weather. Today, the weather wasn't exactly what one would call... sunny. Rather, the sky had a distinct overcast and lacked the usual moisture. As a result, William was happy to venture out and further explore the city that he was beginning to call home.

As William had meandered around the campus of the University of Sacrosanct, he was becoming increasingly aware of how... out of place he felt. After all, the Duke was weeks away from celebrating his... two hundred and ninth birthday. He was certainly different than the swarms of eighteen year olds that roamed those ivory halls. He couldn't quite picture himself sitting in classes next to those same teenagers, and yet there was a draw to the university life that William couldn't quite put his finger on. He'd done the university thing once before, and perhaps had behaved in quite the same way that the children he was now judging. While Sebastian had been studious and serious about his studies at school, William had partied and played around. This time, if he ultimately decided to enroll, William would take it seriously. But it was a big if - first, he'd have to narrow down a field that he would like to study. When did universities get so many options?

William had just stepped along the path of Hyde Park, his attention diverted to the brochure in his hand rather than what was happening in front of him. English Literature was certainly something he'd love to study. Or... History? He'd studied law once, though not seriously. Maybe he could be a- A startled 'Oof!" escaped from his lips as he felt another body collide with his own. Immediately, William's hands reached out to catch the stumbling blonde. Though his reflexes certainly failed him this time, and his gaze fell on the young woman who had fallen at his feet. His first thought was certainly on her attire, noting that she was hardly dressed for the frigid weather. Her dress was aged, even out of the vintage style that he'd discovered was coming back into style, and her feet entirely bare even despite the cold. "I'm so..." William began, his hand immediately reaching out to help up the young woman.

For a moment, her gaze seemed to be blank as she observed him, only to immediately turn to... was that fear? Her hissed words sent a shiver down his spine. William's mind immediately wondered what it was she could see about him, what it was about his very person that was so repugnant to the seemingly innocent young woman. Still, William dropped his hand to his side, watching with a confused expression as she staggered to her feet. "I won't touch you," He promised, holding his palms out to her as if to show that he was weaponless - well, as weaponless as he ever got, his dagger was still securely secured at his hip. William was entirely aware of the way she shivered at the cold, and without hesitation the Englishman shrugged out of his wool peacoat, holding it out to her. "Please, you're cold. At the very least let's get you warm. Are you lost, my dear? I won't touch you, but please let me help get you somewhere safe?"


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