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The world is changing. We are no longer alone. Creatures of the night are challenging the way of life as we know it - humans are now food. In the midst of this chaos, one city stands as a beacon for all races. Vampires, witches, were-creatures, hunters and humans all gather within the city limits of Sacrosanct, striving to control her streets and master her secrets. This city is unlike any other in the world. Here, magic is woven into every stone and brick. Councils, covens and packs are scheming to take over downtown with the belief that the controlling the city's power will help in their wars against the other races. Are you ready to join this world of lies, nightmares and magic?

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Still Terrible At News.So! I didn't want you guys to think that we'd forgotten about you all or the poll we had you do a few months back. Megan and I are in works of a huge facelift for Sacro. You'll be seeing a lot of new features coming in the next few...
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Website Upgrades!So lately, I have decided it time for a little refreshing around here. Some things are getting cleaned up, some stuff working more efficiently. It's mostly stuff behind the scene's that we'll be doing the next few days but I'm sure you'll notice more things on the front end. Like,...
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Name Marcelo Rumeir
Gender Male
Species WereJackal
Age 48
Played By Sam
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