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    The East

    The east side of the city is often considered the heart of Sacrosanct. It's here were the majority of the shopping district can be found, deep in the heart of downtown. It's here that magic thrives, it hums in every stone and can be felt in every breath. Often times, new comers to the city may be come overwhelmed by such sensations but, eventually, it becomes an ever present feeling that's hardly noticed. The streets of the east side are frequented by all species as many companies are housed in the sky scrapers and hole in the wall establishments that line the streets.

    What's You'll Find Here

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    The city has a unique skyline, clashing between modern sky rises and small victorian storefronts. In the heart of downtown, the sleek colored glass buildings reign supreme though their old-world roots can be seen in the most peculiar places from the lamp post styled electric street light to the stone sidewalks. The old world architecture slowly returns the further from downtown you travel, however.

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    Inner Sanctum

    owned by Alexander Macedonia
    3 employees

    Inner Sanctum

    This hidden little cafe is loaded with essentricities and antiques that fill every corner of this remarkable place. The walls are lined with oddities from every corner of the world. Beyond the intriging decor, this place is known for it's delectable coffees and it's exquisite latte art.

    Owner Alexander Macedonia

    Barista Alexis Wilde
    Assistant Manager Calliel Alosi
    Barista Beylani Rose

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    Red on the Water

    owned by Isolt Griffin
    2 employees

    Red on the Water

    Nestled in a pleasant alcove that is but a stone?s throw away from the dazzling labyrinth of downtown, Red on the Water is a spectacle in its own right. Renovated in the style of a classic Irish pub with a dash of modern flare befitting the city that boasts it, this up-and-coming venue is the perfect place to snag an impeccably prepared home-cooked meal and enjoy the city?s most impressive collection of brews from Ireland and beyond. You and your guests are sure to be mesmerized and invigorated by the energetic offerings of the live Celtic band to be found here every weekend.

    Owner Isolt Griffin

    Co-Owner Damon Marcello
    Waitress Yumi Chizue

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    The Bakery

    owned by Taliah Vieira
    2 employees

    The Bakery

    The Bakery is a small bakery that serves anything that your heart desires, from sweet to savory this little place has it all. The area overall is small and cozy, a seating area that lines the windows and several bakery cases that provide freshly baked goods every day. The Bakery also takes special orders and delivers to local cafes.

    Owner Taliah Vieira

    Baker Sterling Tenembrage
    Baker Ludovino Donati

runaway train, running right off the tracks101.180.53.52Posted On April 15, 2017 at 1:49 AM by Arlo

Arlo James

See what it's like to be a vulture's lunch

With his body so filled with that glorious blood the very world itself seemed somehow clearer, sharper and entirely more in focus. God he loved that feeling. He felt so alive! His fingers pilfered readily through that envelope, counting out the tips off his fallen victim, Arlo glancing down once more to make sure the other man was still asleep or at best, still very much under the sway of that sedative that had been forced into his system. He was mumbling unintelligibly and yet that was normal enough for those given to experience that cocktail of chemicals unique to Arlo himself. How the hell did someone make this much from just being a busboy! A few nights of this and Arlo would have had the whole months’ rent. Clearly targeting the patrons had been the wrong idea. He should have been targeting the employees all along. That younger vampire so oblivious to the elder one whom, wise to his game these past few weeks, watched him from the shadows. That scurrying cat saw his head lift up and yet when no further sound came he returned to his dutiful counting. The vampire having touched those last few bills before something sliced sharply across his wrist. A yelp of sorts was forced from within him, Arlo dropping that envelope in surprise, his free hand moving to rub at his wrist and that small, thin cut that seeped the finest line of blood in response. What on earth had just cut him?

“God damn it.”

The cuss was barely free of his lips before that other vampire stepped suddenly out of the shadows, Arlo’s own blue gaze widening suddenly. How long had he been there? He’d been sure he was alone. He’d gotten to distracted with his meal, careless, the younger man inwardly berating himself before his attention fixated entirely on the man before him. He was new, different, an unknown and yet his scent permeated within the alleyway and the bar itself. It’s owner then- or at least, a frequent employee. Arlo’s bright blue gaze narrowing slightly. He could almost feel the energy and power emanating from the other vampire. Older then. He was older the Arlo. Older so often meaning more powerful, dangerous and so rarely Arlo’s targeted prey. The older ones were usually far too risky. The man inclined to choose flight over fight in nearly every situation. This one no different. After all, he’d survived this long by running away. Arlo the vulture. Arlo the coward. He hardly cared what they called him. Surviving was far more important and yet even those lights were starting to flicker, wariness so lacing his entire form now, how far could this man’s power reach? Could he outrun it? Better to check first. Yeah. Better to test him out before he decided on fight or flight, his lip twitching ever so slightly upward to flash a single fang in some warning that he was…uncomfortable with Damon’s approach. The guy seeming kinda put out by his employee’s state off….unconsciousness. Arlo so choosing, for now, to be….mildly co-operative. At least until he better understood just who he was working with. His arms folding across his chest, shoulders shrugging. His gaze however, remained fixated upon Damon. Coven. God how he hated that word. Trouble with covens was not something he needed.

“It’s not about etiquette, bud. Your bar attracts vampires, better than any other place in town. I was hungry, that’s all, no harm done- he’ll be fine. I don’t kill anyone or anything like that.”

He held his hands outward, that universal gesture of innocence, palms upturned as if this alone was enough to convince Damon this was just some misunderstanding. The elder vampire offering his name- such a gesture entirely unexpected. Arlo scowling slightly at the implication he was stealing. Really, he was only attempting to steal. He hadn’t stole anything yet. This Damon fellow was jumping the gun a bit and yet….god how those covens terrified him. Arlo so refusing to get caught up in that again lest this turn out to be a trap like the last time. That beat down by far the worst he’d ever suffered. The young vampire valuing his existence far too much to risk angering a coven again. A lopsided grin suddenly touching his features.

“Oh so your Damon. I mean, if I’d known it was you I was stealing from you I’d have at least re-thought it. I'm Arlo.”

He had no true idea of just who Damon was exactly and yet those words so often served as a distraction. Arlo bending down to snatch that envelope from the floor, flicking it lightly with his wrist, as if the brush the dirt off it, his own affinity activated- that webbing snatching several of those bills from within in the mere blink of an eye- tucking them down his sleeve all in the same motion before politely handing it back to Damon. If he started counting it to make sure it was all there he was going to be in trouble. God, don’t count it. Don’t count it. He smelled good. The scent of the elder vampire had only truly just reached him. Damon holding a different scent to the glory that was Sebastian and yet it was appealing all the same, his pupils so suddenly seeming to dilate in response as that renewed hunger tugged slightly at him. Why did the older ones always smell so appealing? Arlo oblivious to that near predatory look that briefly seemed to overtake him, giving away his youth in that moment, one hand reaching out to grasp suddenly at the wall in an effort to hold himself back. His words suddenly hurried.

“Ehh, look, Damon, buddy, pal, is this about your employee? You can have him back, I’m done with him, won’t do it again, promise. If this is about the red-head chick I can smell all over you, I didn’t mean anything with her, we only talked that’s it. Didn’t know she had a mate alright? We done here?”

His words were a veritable rush, Arlo attempting to cling to that wall and prevent himself lunging at Damon while trying all the same to warn him away and yet how overwhelming that scent was….. Arlo dancing again on the veritable edge of control. He didn’t want to attack Damon. He didn’t want to and yet god he was losing that battle all over again.

“Look just- leave me alone alright? You caught me, well done, throw a party. Just please go away or you’re going to end up like whatshisname.”


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