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Here at Sacrosanct, we believe that no matter your writing level, you can develop your skills at any time. Not only are we here for your entertainment (and boy do we enjoy that) but also to allow for artistic advancement! Although we don't ask for many details or much description in our joining form, please do take the time to enjoy getting to know your character!

PLEASE NOTE Currently we are asking for any non-were species. Weres make up a majority of our supernatural population and we like to think some of the other species are pretty fun too! That being said, if you do choose to still join a were, we are currently discouraging the joining of any were-felines. We like to see more then just kitties!!

Amor Marcel Constans

Date of Birth December 31, 1969
Age 48
Gender Male
Species Vampire
Date of Change May 1287
Age of Apperance 38
Ethnicity Romanian
Natural Hair Color Auburn
Predominent Eye Color Hazel
Height 6'2
Sexuality Heterosexual
Living Unknown
Face Claim Jack GreystoneOther Information Amor loves the mountains, forests, the wilderness as he grew up between the Harghita and the Bodoc mountains. Amor is an avid hunter with all weapons due to the fact that he provided his family with a lot of game, having lived on the outskirts of the smallest town in Romania, Baile Tusid. He is very resourceful and creative and can create something, cook something out of nothing. He is good with all sorts of materials and can build or fix just about everything. He grew up fast and poor so because of this, he knows everything from sewing to some blacksmithing and even leatherwork. He is very street-smart and is experienced in “self-defense“.

His father, who suffered from many mental illnesses took his life when Amor was very young. It was an experience, a scene that scarred him in many ways. And because of this, Amor did not go to school but rather he took care of his physically ill mother and little sister. He supported them financially, made sure they ate, tended to the house and repairs. He is self-educated and tutored his sister. But it was when his mother died that he finally snapped and fled from their home town with his younger sister and started anew. They settled in where they could. Amor found a job caring for a man’s prized horses, living in the loft of the barn.

Many months passed and he found his first and only love. Penelope saw him for who he was rather than just a stablehand and Amor fell head over heels. After years of his undying devotion and servitude (simply passion), he found her with his employer. Upon confronting the couple there was an altercation and Amor was bitten by the man – who obviously was vampyric. Due to the woman’s desperate pleading, Amor’s life was spared and he was forbidden to return to the property.

With sorrow icing over his already cold heart, he set out with his sister – determined to keep her close and safe. She was all that he had left. This is where they both found themselves in a Blood War between Vampires and Weres. It was a battle over territory and what was to be done with the human race. Where vampire’s chose to make the humans a subspecies, like cattle; the Weres wanted equality. Of course, fueled by nurtured and natural rage Amor jumped head-in.

It fueled a desire to make the vampire’s the superior race, to make the rest slaves to each beck and call. Amor became consumed in the possibilities and led many legions of followers; having taken residence in an abandoned castle. He slowly slipped into the madness of battle that his possessivenessprotection over his sister faltered. She was found in his home, shredded by the steel-like talons of his enemies. And despite the years of work, sacrifice and dedication to his kin and their mission – Amor disappeared without a word.

He wandered until he found the coast, until he decided that he would join this big immigration movement and leave Europe. Leave it all behind, start anew and perhaps – dare he try – to continue his endeavor of creating a world where the supernatural’s live without fear. Landing in New York in the early 1900’s he worked, a jack of all trades, he did all that he could. It did not take him long before he purchased a building and opened a “smoking parlor” with music, women and drinks. During the Prohibition in the 1920’s the place got the name “The Blind Tiger” as he continued to sell alcohol out of the back.

Soon it was a bar, then over the years it became bar and billiard. Then he met Delmazio Marcello, a Sicilian mobster that was the "King of the Cartel" in the 1960’s. Needless to say, he began pushing whatever he could out the back of his business – stacking up the bills and living in the lap of luxury. He bought a home upstate and moved his business into a larger building and began looking to open businesses elsewhere. And with his success rising and the “encouragement” of his colleagues, he began dabbling in the slave trade.

Therefore Amor and Delmazio branched out and moved to Portland where they opened “Carnal”, a gentlemen’s club. But of course, just as he settled in, the Delmazio family decides that they will branch out even further – meet and create more connection in new areas.

So now Amor is here, looking for the prime spot for yet another “Carnal”.

With many a scheme and trick up his sleeves.


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