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Here at Sacrosanct, we believe that no matter your writing level, you can develop your skills at any time. Not only are we here for your entertainment (and boy do we enjoy that) but also to allow for artistic advancement! Although we don't ask for many details or much description in our joining form, please do take the time to enjoy getting to know your character!

PLEASE NOTE Currently we are asking for any non-were species. Weres make up a majority of our supernatural population and we like to think some of the other species are pretty fun too! That being said, if you do choose to still join a were, we are currently discouraging the joining of any were-felines. We like to see more then just kitties!!

Brennan O'connell

Date of Birth February 22, 1987
Age 31
Gender Male
Species Witch
Ethnicity Irish
Natural Hair Color Dark Brunette
Predominent Eye Color Gray
Height 5'11
Sexuality Heterosexual
Living Unknown
Face Claim Colin O'donoghueOther Information Brennan was born in Killarney and moved to Belfast, Ireland when he was 10, where his mother was gunned down when he was at the age of 16. He found the brotherhood which could be described as a dangerous gang, which put a gun in his hand and justice within reach. But the brotherhood was slowly slipping down a dangerous slope, partaking in hits and violence to distribute their own forms of justice. They were known for selling guns and their faith. That was until he met the love of his life, whom was killed, an inside job to bring his attentions back into the precarious but good paying job. His fiancé was seen as a dangerous distraction who knew too much. This pushed him over the edge and onto an unwavering quest for vengeance. Nothing else mattered. He left the brotherhood and he wound up in jail for a year because of it. Now he is in New York, looking for a killer with no face to exact justice on the one who destroyed his heart. He had accomplished this feat as a dark hunter, however he was sucked up into some alternate reality and transformed into a creature he used to a hunt, becoming a warlock.

Character Personality: He can be moody, dark and mysterious. He carries a lot of baggage and has a roughness to him. He does not let others in very easily and keeps them always at arms length. He is very street wise that is sometimes clouded by his inner rage from what was lost. He is a passionate soul despite his bleak outlook. Brennan was once a dreamer, yet now he is more of a realist. His persistence always makes him prevail in anything that he does. He simply will not rest until he gets what he wants, whether that be a woman or revenge. That persistence can make him reckless and play dirtier than most are willing to go. His moral compass definitely fluctuates with his moods.. He was one a religious man, but his faith has been shaken along with his trust in people in general.




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