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    The North

    Within the Northern vicinity of the city the wealthy gather behind meticulously trimmed hedges and high class victorian architecture. The streets are paved with stone, the buildings are made of brick, and the storefronts are brightly lit and inviting. In the North every establishment is made to cater to the rich and the wealthy. Many such places are used to the sometimes peculiar requests of the otherworldly but here there is little that money cannot buy - weather it be illegal or merely looking the other way. Vampires and Dark Hunters are often found upon these Northern streets, their long lives often contributing to their sizable wealth which allow them the luxuries that the North provides.

    What's You'll Find Here

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    St. Pancras Station

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    St. Pancras Station

    A historical train station renovated in to a luxury resort-style country club that unites Victorian elegance with contemporary style. Relax in the full-service spa featuring spa treatments, saunas, spa pools with hydro therapy & aqua bar, and relaxation lounges. The club offers many dining and entertainment options including Seven Sisters Lounge, Victoria Bistro, Barlow Gastropub and the formal St. Pancras restaurant as well as boutique shopping and event halls. Join The Chambers Club for a more exclusive entertainment experience.

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    Iórkæll Dværg

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    The VooDoo Room

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    The VooDoo Room

    The Voodoo Room is an award winning bar that aims to provide an eclectic and exotic atmosphere. The bar is filled with intoxicating liquors and a voodoo vibe to keep you coming back. Their mixologists meet the highest standards with our fantastical themed selections of cocktails and specials.

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    The Witchery

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    The Witchery

    Dark, gothic, and throughly theatrical, the Witchery is a place to indulge yourself with it's fabulously lavish suites. Whatever room you choose, you'll find glamor, indulgence and luxury. The suites you have to choose from are: the Vestry, Sempill, the Old Rectory, the Library, the Turret, Heriot, Guardsroom, Armory.

    Owner Rowena Metcalf

stars burn their brightest72.168.177.172Posted On May 01, 2017 at 7:19 PM by Malia Tate

She could read the concern on the girl's features but she didn't understand the reason for it. What was she so worried about? Did she need Malia to teach her a thing or two? She didn't mind. In fact it might be refreshing to be showing someone how to fight rather than having everyone else having to show her practically everything in the human world. She listened as Miyako said she had taken defense classes, whatever that was, and that she could find a way out of it. Malia's eyes widened.

"They have classes for fighting too? Oh, sounds fun!"

She was rather looking forward to this whole school thing. She scowled and furrowed her brows when Miyako said she'd never hit someone before. What kind of life was that? There was nothing like the power she felt after feeling someone's bone crunch between her teeth. Oh well, guess it wasn't for everyone. She shrugged.

"I guess it's just not for everyone."

She was having fun following Miyako around and trying everything on. This wasn't so bad but did they have be so tight? That would take some getting used to. She did like the feel of the leather jacket Miyako handed her though. It was like real skin but tougher and glossy. Something about it caught her eye and it fit like a glove and not an obnoxiously tight one either. She said that it suited her and Malia beamed right back at her.


That seemed like the appropriate response. Then Miyako brought up food and she knew she could definitely eat. Miyako admitted that she could eat too and Malia smirked as they walked over to pay for the clothes. Malia watched this process very carefully, raising a brow in puzzlement. When Miyako told the woman she wanted to buy everything she was wearing, she figured that was a cue to show her so she spun around for the attendent to see it all.

"Did you get a good look or do you need me to hand them to you?"

She grabbed at the shirt, ready to pull it back over her head if so. The woman surprised her by heading around the counter to grab the replicas of what she was wearing. She furrowed her brows in question, watching the woman scan them and then she shook her head.

"No, no, not THOSE clothes. The ones I'M WEARING."

She spoke the last two words slowly in case the woman didn't understand. She pointed at the clothes she had on and then scowled at Miyako.

"Maybe I need to take them off. Does having them on a body confuse her?"

Surely this woman was doing something wrong. She turned her head as Miyako made a face and pulled out a card. Now she hadn't seen this before! She always thought it was weird smelling green stuff that humans exchanged for stuff. What was this?? She watched with wide eyes as the woman slid the card through a weird machine then handed it back and Miyako put it back in her bag thing. She scowled.

"Is that some sort of IOU or something? Can you not pay for the clothes with green stuff? Do I need to fight her?"

She turned to eye the attendent, measuring her up before she turned back to Miyako.

"I could totally take her."

She offered. But soon enough Miyako assured her that she owned the clothes, saying something about taking the tags off. As if mentioning them reminded her, Malia went to scratch her own back where the shirt tag was steadily tickling her.

"Yes, please."

She groaned in irritation as she tried to reach it to tear it off. She grabbed for the one on the front of her jeans, ripping it off vehemently before she grabbed the tag from the back of her shirt and drew it into her mouth, nibbling on the plastic piece that held it on expectantly. Surely her teeth could cut through this. But then she saw Miyako reaching for the tags and she dropped it out of her mouth in surprise, letting Miyako take the lead and hand them to the attendent. She shrugged lightly. Oh well, she was trying anyway. As Miyako moved to link her arm through hers, she stiffened at first, very unsure of this contact. But as Miyako started steering her toward the door, she decided to go along with it for now, though she still felt very awkward and stiff in this position. Is this how humans walk together when they're friends? She wasn't sure she liked it.

She listened to Miyako humming, turning her head when Miyako asked where she's from. She pointed toward the southside of town.

"The woods over there before I moved in with Henry. He gave me the clothes and showed me how to bathe. But then we got in a fight and I left. Now I'm staying with Frost. He bought me clothes too."

She smiled, rather proud of her accomplishments and hoping Miyako would approve too. She looked at all the bright traffic lights, not understanding them at all. Were they like the stars and were meant to show them the way? Miyako certainly seemed to be staring at a red one that suddenly turned green and then she was leading her across the black cement stuff that cars drive on. At first Malia was hesitant since she'd seen so many coyotes run over but it looked like the cars were stopping for them. She found this rather fun as Miyako seemed almost hurried as if they had to get across quick. It was like a game! She grinned and even made a face at a few cars on her way past. That should show them! She swore she saw someone shake a fist at her from INSIDE one of those things and then someone even made a loud beeping noise that made her jump! She growled in response before moving with Miyako across the road.

Luckily the next shop was their destination and Miyako ushered her inside before walking to the counter. Malia felt strange now that they'd unlinked arms. It was like her arm was cold again. Hm. But Miyako was telling her to come to the counter so she obliged, standing beside her to look at all the choices. Her eyes widened when Miyako said that they could make anything she wanted.


She queried as she licked her lips. She turned back to her.

"Um, how about some bison and deer meat mixed with a little wild rabbit. Oh and add in some sweet berries!"

That should be easy enough, right?


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