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:D101.180.51.10Posted On September 04, 2017 at 4:39 PM by Kite

I used to rp wolves before i came here but I've very much enjoyed the change haha and def dont be too concerned if the join board or even cbox look a little quiet, we are quite an activity community with posts most every day.

As for who I play I only have male charries haha but I have Tobias (wereleopard) and Beta of the Nightshade pack in the west, he's not very sane but a lot of fun, he likes sugar. Frost (werehorse) alpha of his own pack and probably more the villain type charrie, hes not very nice lol, Kohl (Hunter) he refuses to accept he's a hunter though and won't hunt anything, he likes to clean things obsessively . Arlo (vampire) he feeds on other vampires and is a bit of a ball of energy and a bit......of an airhead is maybe the best way to put that, he's a good guy he just makes a lot of really bad choices lol, Dorian (Fae) hes like ridiculously old and a King and is sometimes still afraid of new technology, like he thinks automatic doors are basically amazing and is still largely confused as to why no one is married like they were in the 15th century and he's terrified of bugs because he thinks they bring the plague XD annnnnd lastly is Azrael (Hunter) he takes his hunting very seriously and likes to murder supernatural things. He is highly pessimistic about everything lol.


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