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-waves- On October 22, 2017 at 3:58 PM by Kite

Nice to meet you! XD

I thought I'd say hello too!

I have never played Overwatch or Black Desert so I have nothing super interesting to offer about those sadly lol. I do love games though, notably Legend of Zelda, The Witcher, Final Fantasy and Assassins Creed.

I'd also be more then happy to meet your Killian fellow some time! I am in no less then 19 different threads at the moment so for the sake of being sensible I'm trying not to leap on everyones open posts lol, but I do have a few threads that are finishing off shortly and I'd be happy to post someone for you after that if you'd like? :D

I have a bunch of boys you can find in the Database if you feel like looking them up, Kohl, Azzy (Alekai), Tobias, Frost (Rixon), Dorian and Arlo annnnd they are floating around on just about every board too lol. So if you'd ever like to have Killian run into one of those feel free to let me know!


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