Ceara Hade

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    General StatsName Ceara Hade
    Nicknames Ceecee
    Age 301
    Gender Female
    Ethnicity Irish
    Hair Color Light Brunette
    Eye Color Hazel
    Height 5'9
    Residence Anacosta Heights
    The VooDoo Room Owner
    RelationshipSexuality Bisexual
    Relationship Status Unknown

    SpeciesSpecies Vampire
    Date Of Change January 1740
    Age of Appearance 24
    Ceara was born in the town KilKenny, Ireland in 1716 to a sheep farmer and was the eldest of 3. A great famine spread across the country in 1740, caused by a small arctic freeze. A blizzard swept across the west coat followed by heavy rainfall that brought floods. Not only did the trading routes that her family relied on to sell the sheep wool but there was no crop to feed the sheep. Their world froze over and people began to die from the cold and starvation.

    Chaos always makes for good cover. Ceara was helping her father by trying to take what little of a herd they had left to the neighboring town to sell when she was attacked. Her turn was never intention; she had been meant as a meal. She hadn't even really seen his face. She woke in a strange deserted home, covered in dried blood, with her head pounding. Ceara ran home but once she got there, the closeness of her family, the beating of their hearts and rush of blood in their veins caused her to snap. The smell of fear that they emitted seeing her fangs only fueled her hunger. It was like having an out of body experience, a part of her was screaming that it was wrong but couldn't ignore the pure bliss of their warm blood running down her throat. Afterwards she remained in her home, crying over what she had done to her family. Only when the natural process of death had begun to take its toll did Ceara flee from the only home she had ever known. All around her Ireland was in a state of frozen chaos for the next year and she wandered with sloppy kills followed by fear and regret. Over the years Ceara learned what she really was, a vampire, not just a demon, and how to feed without drawing attention to herself.

    Ceara only encountered others of her kind a few times and they weren't exactly pleasant memories. The ones she had run across were young and brash as herself and found her company a threat to their "territory". It was only when she ran across an older vampire named Marie that she was taken under wing and taught the ways of her kind. After several decades Ceara decided to part ways from Marie and strike out on her own. She came across Sacrosanct a few years back and has since settled down, running her business and taking up residence in Anacosta Heights.

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